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How do you disengage the passive security system on a Saturn L200?


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2015-07-15 18:49:19
2015-07-15 18:49:19

Saturn ignition switches will not turn on after a failed attempt. The passive security device really has nothing to do with it. Pull the key out and wait for the beep. then reinsert and try it again

Some times my car does the same. If the wheel locks up, all you need to do is shake the wheel and the key will turn.

if you lost the remote unlock car put key in ingition and try to start. it wont start. wait 15 minutes then try again it will start.


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how can I reset the security system on my 06 saturn vue

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You should be able to put the key in the run position, press the panic button on the key 4 times slowly and then press the lock button to put it into passive security, press the lock button twice to put it into active security, or press the unlock button to disable the security system.

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have same trouble i would like to know myself

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i had that happen to me be for and we had to take it to a dealer and have them reset the computer in your vehicle.

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