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You need to heat the water up to get the solid to dissolve.

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What solvent can be used with polyvinyl alcohol?

The polyvinyl alcohol is soluble in water.

Why aniline dissolve in alcohol but not dissolve in water?

aniline dissolve in alcohol but not dissolve in water

How does methanol dissolve in water?

Yes it dissolves in water (any amount), it is rather called: homogeneously mixable with water

Will alcohol dissolve in water?

Yes, it will dissolve, because Alcohol is miscible in water (it will dissolve in water in any proportions)

Does salt dissolve in alcohol?

Alcohol is a non-polar solvent and does not dissolve salt as well as water does. If there is water in the alcohol then some of it will dissolve.

Does water dissolves in alcohol?

Water dilutes alcohol it does not dissolve in alcohol.

Why will phenolphthalein dissolve in water?

It doesn't dissolve in water. It dissolves in alcohol.

Is salt soluble in alcohol?

No. Table salt (NaCl) will not dissolve in alcohol. It will, however, slightly dissolve in "rubbing alcohol" (which contains water) and many alcoholic beverages that are mostly water.

Does salt dissolve faster in water or alcohol?

Salt (sodium chloride) is not soluble in alcohol, but is soluble in water. Nearly all "rubbing alcohol" contains some water, and so will slightly dissolve salt.

Why does sodium chloride dissolve easy in water and not alcohol?

Because water is a polar solvent and alcohol isn't.

Can ethyl alcohol dissolve oil?

No. Like water ethyl alcohol is a polar solvent and will not dissolve most nonpolar solutes such as oil.

Does plutonium dissolve in water or alcohol?

Plutonim is not soluble in water and alcohols.

Does rubbing alcohol dissolve sand?

Rubbing alcohol will not completely dissolve sand, only partially. It is slightly soluble due to rubbing alcohol containing some water.

Does water dissolve in alcohol?

Yes, they are fully miscible. This means that water dissolves in alcohol at any ratio and vice versa.

Can rubbing alcohol dissolve salt?

Partially. Rubbing alcohol is diluted with water, and it's actually the water in which the salt dissolves. Salt is nearly insoluble in alcohol.

Why and how inorganic compounds dissolve in water?

Like dissolves like. Polar inorganic compounds will dissolve in polar solvents like water or alcohol.

What is the reaction between alcohol and salt?

There is no special reaction, the salt will tend to dissolve in the water mixed with the alcohol.

What liquid is dissolve in water?

Alcohol can dissolve in water. It can dissolve in any proportion. Once mixed, these two substances can hardly be isolated from each other unless subjected to distillation process.

What solvent can solve the polyvinyl alcohol?

0.5 g of Polyvinyl Alcohol in 10 mL of water, heating in water (80 degree C, low solubility below 60 degrre C) with stirring for 15min, then cool it to room temperature and another 4-5 hours of stirring at ambient temperature should give you a homogenous solution.

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