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How do you dissolve pyrite?

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Nitric acid. I'm not sure how it's dissolved to make acid mine drainage though.

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How do you separate gold from pyrite?

Gold and arsenic are coupled within pyrite. The arsenian pyrite contains up to 0.37 wt% gold. Pyrite will dissolve when placed into an acid.

Do I just pour the hydrocholoric acid directly on the sample of gold to dissolve the pyrite?

I would STRONGLY suggest that you do not play around with hydrochloric acid. Breathing the fumes is highly dangerous, not to mention getting it on your skin or in your eyes. It will also not dissolve pyrite.

How do you separate gold from pyrite without a smelter?

Gold won't dissolve in acid wheras pyrite will. That 'separates' them - but not too useful if its not the gold you want or you want both. If telling them apart is what you want then their density is different, their structure is different (crystalline mineral - pyrite) and their hardness is different.

What is the mineral composition of pyrite?

Pyrite is composed of the mineral pyrite.

What is the difference between pyrite and a pyrite cube?

Pyrite is the mineral whereas a pyrite 'cube' happens to be the habit in which the mineral has crystallised

Is pyrite an element?

pyrite is not a element

Is pyrite a silicate?

Pyrite is a nonsilicate

What cleavage does the pyrite have?

What cleavage does pyrite have

What is pyrite is made of?

what is pyrite made of answer

How do you release gold from pyrite?

No, there is no gold in pyrite, that is why iron pyrite is called "Fool's Gold."

Does pyrite float?

No. Pyrite does not float in water.

What is the luster of pyrite?

The luster of pyrite is metallic.

What is pyrite made of?

pyrite is made of FeS2

What is the hardness of pyrite?

the hardness of pyrite is 6.5

Is there lead in pyrite?

No, Pyrite is iron and sulfur

What is the diaphaneity of pyrite?

The diaphaneity of pyrite is opaque.

What luster does a pyrite have?

Pyrite have metallic luster.

Is pyrite iron?

Pyrite isn't iron, but it does have iron in it. Pyrite is a mineral comprised of Iron and Sulphur, or FeS2.

Is pyrite a crystal?

Pyrite is a mineral that can form crystals.

Is pyrite magnetic?

some of our samples of pyrite are paramagnetic

What is a slogan for pyrite?

Pyrite--gold's poor cousin.

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