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There will be a "spark" between you, a little shiver when you touch his hand, or look in his/her eyes. He/she will be making extra attempts to make pyhsical contact with you. If it is simply platonic, then it will just be like friends!

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Q: How do you distinguish between Platonic and romantic love without sex?
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Another word used meaning without sex?

Platonic as in a non-sexual relationship between friends. Parthenogenetic as in creating an offspring without sex.

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Plato introduced the world to a new type of love called what?

Platonic love. One meaning is love between two people in which the element of sex is played down so much that it is virtually absent. In common speech (in the U.S.A.) "We have a Platonic relationship" means that we care about each other and care for each other as the deepest and closest friends; we love each other as friends, but without any trace of romance. Platonic love also refers to the urge to blend with "beauty" in contemplation of what is "ideal" and "universal" truth.

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