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Doctrine is an amount of knowledge based on experiences and thoughts ( of it`s founders) which can guide towards other actions, thought or believes ( that may be altered by experience in one`s life) where as religion has set rules, which should not or in many religions are actually prohibited to be altered.( I could elaborate here and give you examples but it seem to me that have a computer as well:-))

Doctrine can be applied to many things (there are doctrines that are negative - meaning that not every doctrine is ok) where religion (good or bad - if there is a differentiation) only has a religious purpose (meaning how it is interpreted and acted upon within it`s religious

grounds). Doctrine doesn`t require action - religion does!

Example: Taoism, the believes of Confucius is / are thoughts and believes of this guy, though they posses a knowledge beyond normal it is very logical, understandable and practicable and doesn`t need explaining where as to religion - pick one, may need an explanation even though if read properly not much.

Doctrine suggestions usually say: " to have a good life one should......

A religious suggestions usually say: "you have to .....

where one is suggesting and the other one is kind of ordering

doctrine doesnt force you to follow as oppose to religion, even Buddhism which i believe is the most adoptable.

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Q: How do you distinguish the doctrine of religion from that which is not doctrine?
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What is the book of doctrine of the religion of Islam?

The holy book Quran is the book of doctrine of the Islam religion together with the sayings of prophet Muhammad and his practices.

What is doctrine?

A statement of official government policy, especially in foreign affairs and military strategy.The word "doctrine" means a system of belief. Each religion has one or more. Which religion are you asking about and which doctrine?

What is the name for a legal doctrine?

Are you referring to religion or or the doctrine of law? Doctrine in both cases means "by the book" or " the teaching or interpretation of the book".

Is there Atheist doctrine in the movie the golden compass?

Atheists have no doctrine they are not a religion. Atheism is simply a disbelief in a god.

What is doctrine of fundamentalist?

the ideology that clearly supports the dominance of one religion on over other is called doctrine of fundamentalists

The basic set of beliefs of a religion is called?

DoctrineAnswer from Zundap

What does CDF stand for in the Catholic Religion?

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Is the medieval Chivalric Code of Knights a Doctrine?

A doctrine is a basic creed and/or advocation of specific beliefs relating to such things as government and religion. The Medieval Code Of Chivalry was formulated with specific beliefs regarding military duty, love and religion. Hence, the Code Of Chivalry was a doctrine.

What do you mean by the word secularism?

a doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations

Is getting a tattoo really a sin?

No, I know of no religion that prescribes it as doctrine.

Is Methodist religion a Christian religion?

It is a denomination of Christianity, yes. Not all churches that are of any particular denomination are presently teaching Christian doctrine, so you have to be careful and examine ANY church's doctrine by comparing it to the Bible.

What does CDF stand for in reference to Catholic religion?

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF)

How do you use the word 'doctrine' in a sentence?

Doctrine is a word used to explain an official policy of a religion, a government, or a ruler. "The Monroe Doctrine helped expand the borders of the United States." "The doctrine of the Trinity is a foundation of the Christian teachings." "The United States was founded on the doctrine that all men are created equal and that they have the right to the pursuit of life, liberty, an happiness."

What are the differences between secularists and fundamentalists?

A secularist is a person that has a doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations. A Fundamentalist is a person that has a doctrine based on strict religious considerations

In the biblical sense what does the word heresies mean?

A belief that rejects the orthodox doctrine of a religion.

How can religion benefit behavior?

Most religions teach moral behaviour. Religion is not, of course, the only way to learn to distinguish right from wrong, but it can help.

Distinguish between doctrine of indoor management and doctrine of constructive notice.clarify with case laws?

The Doctrine of Indoor Management says that if a person enters into a contract with a Company he has the rights to inquire into the correctness of the contract since Article and Memorandum of Association are public documents. It is invoked by the personDoctrine of Constructive notice is invoked by the company against a person who has failed to inquire internal regulations.

What are some modern day disciples?

Modern day disciples are people of devotion. They are not necessarily people of faith or religion, regardless of religion, dogma, or doctrine.

Do you have to be a part of a religion to get to know god?

No, you do not. Many people in the world believe in and commune with God but do not follow any set religion nor religious doctrine.

What do you call a Hindu person?

They are called Hindus, if you have a particular need or reason to refer to them based on their religion. Religion is not the only way that we distinguish people from one another.

Has Islam changed over the generations?

As a religion, doctrine, teachings ,fundamentals or even the Quran ?The answer is no. Not by a single letter

What does the essay 'of superstition' by Francis Bacon convey?

superstition mars life and create misunderstanding on those people who have doctrine on religion and takes them away from their religion.

What is the oldest religion in the world still in practice?

A:The oldest formal religion still practised is probably Hinduism. Animism is even older, but has not formal rules, doctrine or scripture.

What is the Church's doctrine?

the churches doctrine is the same as the sinagoque to love the lord your GOD with all your heart and all your mind and to love your neighbor as your self if you can do this you know nomatter what religion your a part of your ok with the LORD

What do the disciples of christ believe about god who do they believe He is?

I believe that they leave details of religion to the individual. There is no specific doctrine on this issue.