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In Kentucky a special attorney, called a Warning Order Attorney (WOA), is appointed to notify the soldier of the action once it is filed. A time period of 50 days is given for the soldier to contact the WOA to let the WOA know his/her position on the dissolution action. It is time consuming and takes a lot of paperwork, but it is not impossible. Go and interview with as many attorneys as you can. Most initial appointments are free and the advice is priceless.

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Can you divorce your husband if he is currently deployed?


How do you collect child support from a deployed soldier?

Child support from a deployed soldier can still be taken from the soldiers pay and sent to you. You will need to speak to an attorney for more details.

Can your wife divorce you while you are deployed?

Yes. A person can file for divorce at any time during a marrage.

Can you file for divorce while deployed?

Yes. Ask your chaplain for the forms.

Can the cib and cmb be worn together on the acu's?

It is possible. Good example is; - Soldier was a Combat Medic for a Ranger Battalion. - Soldier deployed with unit to the Gulf War and received the CMB - Soldier later reclassed to Infantry - Soldier then deployed with an infantry unit to GWOT and received CIB. Type your answer here...

How many years does it take for an army solider to get deployed after basic training?

There is no particular time involved between an Army soldier completing basic training and being deployed. It depends on the need and the job that the soldier is trained to do. Many soldiers are deployed shortly after completing basic training.

How do you divorce when deployed in Iraq?

Contact a divorce lawyer and indicate to him that you would like to file for divorce. Depending on any contested assets, there may be no requirement to be seen in court, and the divorce may be completed entirely in absentia.

How do you file taxes for a deployed solder?

You may only file taxes for a deployed soldier if. A) you have a power of Attorney, specifically allowing it. B) you are the Head of Household over the deployed soldier. C) You are the deployed soldier. A general power of attorney does give you the right to file a tax return in the service members name, and the military does provide free tax filing overseas. The deployed service member may also defer filing his taxes until after he returns from deployment if he so chooses without any penalties from the IRS. -Morreale, Keith D. SGT US Army

Does a soldier lose his rank if he gets a divorce?

No of course not!

What is the role of the United States as a peacekeeper?

a soldier, military force, etc., deployed to maintain or restore peace

Is it free to ship items over seas to a deployed soldier for an on post post office?

No. Priority mail is discounted but not free.

Can a wife take all money earned by soldier deployed overseas and leave him broke when he comes home legally in Texas when she lives with her parents?

If the soldier gives her the money, she can do what she wants to. The soldier should only send her the amount necessary to support her.

What was the attack on Pearl Harbor like from the point of view of a Japanese soldier?

You said soldier. From the Japanese flag angle it was entirely a Naval and Naval air force battle. Ground troops were not deployed or landed.

Can a soldier be deployed with pending civilian criminal charges?

Yes they can. The military commitment takes precedence over civilian commitments. If the soldier is called to court they can write to the court with a copy of their orders and reference the soldier and sailors relief act that will delay any court actions until they return.

Is it legal for a judge to issue a bench warrant for an active duty soldier already having a copy of his orders in the court system before he left?

More information is necessary. Has the soldier ALREADY left for deployment and is out of the jurisdictional area of the court? If so, the soldier should contact his unit's JAG Officer and advise them, and ask for guidance. When the court that issued the BW is notified by the military that you are deployed the BW will probably be withdrawn. However, if the soldier had not yet deployed by the court date and could have attended, the BW was issued properly. Although the BW can be served by the civil authorities, it also could have been delivered to the military authorities who would have compelled the soldier to appear.

What does deployed mean?

deployed means sent away

How do you use deployed in a sentence?

The troops are being deployed to Iraq

Can you be deployed if stationed overseas?

yes. regardless of where you are stationed, you can be deployed.

Where can infantry be stationed in the us army?

Infantry may be stationed anywhere the US Army is garrisoned or deployed. In essence, every soldier in the US Army, regardless of his MOS or assignment is infantry.

What is Mockingbird about from the Hunger Games Series?

spoiler alert the mockingjay is about the fight against the Capitol, with Katniss being deployed as a front line soldier after something[ without saying what] happens to District 12.

What was a typical day for a frontier soldier?

When not fighting, the Romans soldiers were trained and drilled regularly. They were also deployed to build stone-paved roads, forts and fortifications. In some areas they were also no patrol.

Can you chose where you are deployed?


On what date were US troops first deployed in Iraq?

In late 2001 troops were first deployed

What ranks in the marines get deployed?

Private through General get deployed, not just in the Marines, but in all branches.

Is there an American soldier during World War 2 who fought on the European Theatre and then on the Pacific Theatre?

it depends on what type of soldier you mean if you mean marines no because they were deployed in the pacific only, if you mean army maybe but highly unlikely, bomber pilots might have and is my best bet, and fighters could have but I don't think so

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