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By using the same procedures as anyone else wishing to divorce as prescribed by the laws of the state in which you reside. There are not different laws pertaining to divorcing someone who is incarcerated as compared to someone who is not.

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Q: How do you divorce a spouse who is in prison?
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How do you divorce a spouse who is in prison what forms do i use?

how do you divorce a spouse who is in prison and what forms do i use

How do you get a divorce from your spouse if said spouse is in prison but you do not know which prison or how to get in contact with him even if you knew which prison he was in?

phone any prison, they can put you in touch with the department that locates prisoners .

Can you get a divorce for free from incarcerated spouse?

If your spouse is incarcerated in an Alabama prison and sentenced to more than a year and a day,can you get a divorce for free or for a dollar?

How do you obtain a divorce in Florida when the spouse is in prison?

You can file for divorce without his approval. The lawyer will serve your spouse with the papers in prison and usually anyone in prison will grant the divorce. If he should refuse the law is basically on your side, but if you have children other provisions may have to be made because he is the father of those children and the courts would have to decide that. Marcy

Can you file for a divorce if your spouse is in prison in Texas and can he contest it?

Yes, and yes. Although you can use the fact that he is in prison against him, he can still contest it.

If you marry an inmate in a Florida prison can you divorce him if he refuses to divorce you because you knew he was incarcerated when you married him?

He can refuse, but that will not prevent the requesting spouse receiving a divorce under the default laws.

How much does it cost to divorce a inmate in prison in Georgia?

If the spouse is in jail, a no fault divorce can be obtained. There will be some special procedures to serving the person his papers.

How do you get a divorce when your spouse is in prison?

The process is begun by filing divorce papers in court (usually with the help of an attorney). The papers are then served to the inmate, who has the opportunity to respond (even while in prison). Divorces are finalized, in the usual way, even when the individual is still in prison.

How do you file for a divorce if your spouse is incarcerated in a Florida state prison?

The procedure is the same as if the person were not imprisoned. The petitioning spouse files in the court of venue in the county where he or she is a resident.

How do you serve someone in prison divorce papers?

You can serve an incarcerated spouse papers in prison in the normal fashion. Additionally it is not necessary for them to sign (if they contest) because you can still get a default divorce. There are jurisdictional issues and other elements that make a prison divorce more complicated than a regular divorce that I would really encourage you to seek legal aid.

If your spouse is in prison and wants a divorce can you contest it?

Yes, you have a legal opportunity to contest a divorce and the fact that your spouse is in prison (although that complicates things) doesnt really matter in this instance. However, when one spouse want s a divorce and goes through the motions of filing all the proper paperwork, etc there is not any way to really stop it absent a reconciliation. This is because the law views divorce as a partnership contract and you cannot keep someone in a contract against their will.

Can you sue your spouse for impregnating someone during your marriage?

No you cannot sue your spouse on that ground. However, you can divorce him.No you cannot sue your spouse on that ground. However, you can divorce him.No you cannot sue your spouse on that ground. However, you can divorce him.No you cannot sue your spouse on that ground. However, you can divorce him.

What is adultey or divorce?

Adultery is when you cheat on your spouse and divorce is when you end the marriage from your spouse.

What are your rights in filing for divorce from an incarcerated spouse?

The same as they would be if the person were not an inmate. State laws govern divorce issues such as property division, custody, child support, spousal maintenance and so forth. If you no longer think the marriage is sustainable, you can file for divorce whether or not your spouse is in prison.

Is spouse still legal next of kin if going through a divorce?

While the divorce is pending, the spouse is still the spouse, and the legal status does not change. On the day that the divorce is granted, the spouse is no longer the spouse, and reverts to non-related.

Can you get an annulment from a spouse in Wisconsin if he is in prison and you have been married longer than 5 years and your spouse has been in jail for 18 months?

No, the spouse wishing to end the marriage would need to file for a divorce, in some states it is referred to as a dissolution of marriage. The prescribed divorce procedures required by the state of residency also apply to a spouse who is incarcerated.

How to divorce a prison inmate?

It is possible to divorce someone who is in prison. The best approach in any individual case will depend on the laws of the state in which you live. Additionally, it would be beneficial to speak with a family lawyer in your state because of jurisdictional issues concerning where you can file for divorce. You will go through the divorce process in the same way you would if your spouse was not in prison (file the necessary paperwork, signatures, etc).

How can you get a divorce if your spouse refuses to sign divorce papers in Oklahoma?

In the state Of Oklahoma who do you get divorce if your spouse refuses to sign the papers

Can an inmate who received a life sentence contest a divorce in Florida?

The State of Florida is a no-fault divorce state, meaning the court will not assign fault to either party for the divorce. Neither spouse can prevent the other from obtaining a divorce. Marriage is not a prison and an inmate who is incarcerated for life cannot impose a life sentence on their spouse. She/he has the right to move on with their life. The inmate does not have to consent to the divorce.

How do you divorce an inmate in California if you live in Oregon?

An inmate can be served divorce papers while in a California prison from a spouse in Oregon. An attorney will need to be hired to file the paperwork in the state of Oregon.

Can a US citizen divorce his spouse who does not want a divorce?

yes, if the citizen thinks that his spouse his annoying

Can you divorce a terminal ill spouse in the state of Mississippi?

You can divorce a spouse if a judge decides to grant you a divorce. Legally is different from ethical considerations.

What if my spouse won't sign the divorce papers?

If your spouse won't sign the divorce papers then file a judgment of default. If your spouse does not sign it within 30 to 60 days then the divorce will be final by default.

How can you get a divorce if your spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers in Pennsylvania?

If you file for a divorce and your spouse refuses to sign, you may be able to win your divorce by default. When your spouse defaults on a divorce it means he/she failed to respond within the a lotted amount of time per your specific state.

Where do you get a divorce from your spouse?

at a courthouse