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Pakistan Muslim Family Laws 1961

You can get divorce according to the Pakistani Law from Pakistani Family Court. You will appoint Special Power of Attorney who will work on your behalf file the ( Khulla ) in Pakistani Court. You will get divorce ( Khulla ) in 4 to 5 months from Pakistani Court.

If you want to get divorce in America then consult with American Lawyer.

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Q: How do you divorce your Pakistani husband if he lives in Pakistan and you live in USA and you've never lived together?
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How do you divorce your pakistani husband if he lives in pakistan and you live in england?

Under the Muslim Family Law ordinance 1961, a woman sitting in England can get divorce from her Pakistani husband khual case in Pakistani Family Court. For this purpose you will appoint Special Power of Attorney who will work on your behalf file the ( Khulla ) in Pakistani Court. You will get divorce ( Khulla ) in 4 to 5 months from Pakistani Court.

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Go to an idarah (Muslim Court) and apply for a khulla (Islam gives the right for a female to divorce) but you will need to have a your nikah naamah (marriage certificate) they will then contact the court in Pakistan where your marriage is registered and from then contact your husband if he refuses to get in touch after 3 times then divorce will automatically happen Hope this helps :)

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