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How do you divorce your husband in the least expensive way if he now lives in another country and you have no kids or property together and only know his work and mother's address?


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September 04, 2005 2:43PM

You may not need to divorce. See a lawyer about annuling your marriage on the grounds of abandonment. This may take some years, if you connot contact him you may put arrange a divorce court hearing- to which if he does not turn up- he is breaking the law and will be found by the police and made to pay any incurring charges. You may file a divorce in the proper court of the state in which you reside. You simply give the court all the information available for contacting the absent spouse. It is not necessary for the person to appear in court if there are not child custody, property or spousal maintenance disputes. Depending upon the laws of your state of residency, you may be required to publish notice of the dissolution of marriage petition in a major newspaper for a specified time. Most states have no-fault divorce laws which makes the procedure relatively simple.