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How do you do a Action replay?


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September 03, 2012 9:41PM

Setup Action replays can be used simply by inserting the game into the slot on the AR and then inserting the AR into your DS, DSi or 3DS system. When this is done, turn on the device and where the game name would usually show up, there should instead be "Game & Watch Collection." Tap on this, and the action replay will load. From this point forward, the stylus is not needed. Instead, use the control pad and the A button. When the screen with "Codes" and "Settings," press A twice, and you should come to a small list of cheats, or even a nearly blank screen (If not, your game may not be recognized. See below). This is the main screen of the action replay; where all cheats for the game you're playing will show up. Select a cheat by highliting it and pressing A, deselect it the same way. When you've selected the cheats you want to use for the game, double tap "Start Game," scroll to "yes," and press a. Your game should start with the cheats loaded. You can choose either to simply use the cheats listed for the game, which can actually be pretty good cheats, or enter your own cheats, which gets slightly more complicated.

How to Enter Cheats

There are two ways to enter cheats into an action replay. The first is to simply use the action replay itself, and the second is to use the included software. To enter cheats into the action replay itself is relatively simple. Simply click "**Add New Code**," and a keyboard screen should come up. Type the name of the cheat, and press continue. Then, type the code for the cheat (See below) and press continue again. The code should appear in your codelist. The problem with this method is that some codes can be several pages long, and could be very tedious to type into the system. In this case, it is probably best to use the included software disc. If you did not receive a software disc, you can buy them at many game stores and online. Simply download it onto a computer, use the cord that came with your action replay to attach the action replay to the computer (Note: Action Replay must be removed from the DS. Do not plug in an action replay while using it in a game!) Open the software (should be entitled "Action Replay DS/DSi/3DS Code Manager). It is divided into three segments. The most important segment is the bottom left: This is the one that says "My Codelists," and lists all codes the software knows. Once the Action Replay is plugged in and recognized (indicated by whether or not the left segment says "Waiting for Action Replay Card"), click the plus on "Default EUROPEAN Codelist/Codejunkies US" (Whichever applies to you, of course), and a list of games should appear. They are listed alphabetically, so locate your game and press plus (If you cannot find your game, see below). There should appear a list of cheats for that game. To add a cheat, right-click and click "Add new cheat." Like with the action replay, enter the cheat name and code. The difference here is that the codes can be copied and pasted, and are thus entered much quicker. When finished, click OK. The new cheat should appear. To send it to the Action Replay, simply click "Commit Changes."

Adding a Game

In some cases, the game that you're using may not be in the action replay system. If this happens, you must simply add the game. When you press A twice from the Cheats and Settings screen, instead of a list of cheats, you should see a list of games. Scroll up to "**Add New Game**" and press A. Enter the game name and press continue. Enter the Game ID and Version Number into the system in this format: xxxx-xxxxxxxx. If you do not know these two numbers, simply google "___(Your Game's Name)___ Action Replay Game ID." Several links should come up giving you the ID and Vrsion number in that format. The game should appear in the list, and it should automatically take you there. To add a game into the computer software, simply open it as I explained before, right click in your codelist, and click "Add new Game." Enter the Game ID and Version number. However, in the software, it says "Game Code" and "Game ID's." This is the same thing, just worded differently: The first four characters are the "Game Code