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How do you do a backflip?

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  1. first, start by bending backwards on your feet for 5 minutes a day, for one week.
  2. soon, you can touch the ground with your hands by bending backwards.
  3. try to flip your feet backwards.
  4. you might start my landing on your bottom, but all beginners do that.
  5. Soon, you will be landing on your feet. You finally did a backflip touching the ground, but that's a start.
  6. Do the process again and again, but dont touch the ground.
  7. Soon you will have to jump backwards. Use help from an adult so you don't hurt your head.

* It is important to ALWAYS practice on mats and with the help of a TRAINED coach

* And you probably should take gymnastics to improve your skills

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Begin with your arms swinging down to your hips and squat down a little. Then jump up and lift your arms over your head. When you do your jump, lean back at a slight angle. Next, bring your knees to your hips and rotate around backwards while tucking. Finally, when you see the ground while flipping, untuck and straighten out your legs. It's better to under-rotate than to over-rotate. Oh, and try to have a safety mat under you so you don't die. :) If you want more help, go to a parkour gym like Tempest Free-running Academy.

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