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how do you do butterfly nots with shoe laces?? you make a 'normall' knot. You then pull the 'bunny ears' until they are real big and the line kinda laces r propa short. den u double over the ears and tie them together. thus you hve butterfly laces

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โˆ™ 2008-08-19 22:15:09
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Q: How do you do a butterfly knot with your shoe laces?
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What is a rams head knot?

a tying knot for shoe laces on shoes!

How can you tie your own shoe laces?

tie a knot

What is the difference between regular shoe laces and running shoe laces.?

Running shoelaces tend to be thinner. This keeps the knot from slipping when you tie the shoe.

When were shoe laces invented?

In England In 1790 as the shoe laces we know of now but shoe laces have been in use since 7000bc, if not further by tying a leather cord into the shoe.

How do you use knot in a sentence?

Knot is a noun. Some example sentences are: He tied his shoe laces in a knot. The slip knot is only one of the knots he learned in Boy Scouts. My stomach got in a knot when I heard the news.

What would happen if you don't tie your shoe laces?

If your shoe laces are not tied, you could step on a shoe lace and trip over.

What is the plural of shoe lace?

Shoe laces

What do you call a shoe that has no laces?

'Loafers' are slip-on shoes that have no laces.

Is knotting the present tense of knot?

How it is used determines tense I think. Knot can be used in any tense There was a knot in my laces. There is a knot in my laces. I'm going to knot my laces. Past, present and future. Knotting is the same. It's how the word is used that determines the tense.Knotting is the present perfect tense of Knot. Knot is a word that can be used as a verb, noun or as a verbal. A verbal is a word that looks like a verb, but it's not a verb.Example of Knot used as a verb in the present.I knot the rope to the tree every day.Example of Knot used as a verb in present perfect.I am knotting the rope to the tree right now.Examples of Knot used as a NOUN.I made a knot using this string.There was a knot in my laces.There is a knot in my laces.Example of Knot used as a Verbal.I'm going to knot my laces.

Where can one buy shoe laces for any pair of shoes?

You can buy shoes laces for any pair of shoes in a number of different places. Some places you can buy shoe laces from are Finish Line and Footlocker. You can also buy shoe laces online.

What is the point of shoe laces?

Because they keep your shoe on!

How do you tie Jordan shoe laces?

tie it like a regular shoe

How do you tie dubarry shoe laces?

you get one piece and straiten it out then grab the top and twirl the res around it then all you have to do is put it under the twirl and you have your perfect knot

Where do you go to buy shoe laces?

most shoe stores sell shoe laces. If you still can't find them go on Amazon or ebay or something like that

How do you clean shoe laces?

you can clean white shoe laces by getting an old cup or bowl an puting bleach in the cup/bowl an putng the shoe laces in there an let it sit an every few minutes move around the shoe lace ... be careful dont get it on your clothes (:

Where is shoe lace made?

shoe laces are made in the U.S.A

How can you make white laces black?

Dip the white laces into black paint or get black shoe laces its simple! :)

How do you tie laces on av8 shoes?

hi It is called the boat shoe knot. look it up. in a hurry so i cant tell you. hope it helped

What actors and actresses appeared in Ballet Shoe Laces - 2002?

The cast of Ballet Shoe Laces - 2002 includes: Rachael DeVault Emily Filardi

How are shoe laces like a pulley?

they are like ulleys because the person who said "How are shoe laces like a pulley?" and the question "How are show laces a pulley?" are the same question is Gaie!!! g-a-y!!! ffs, get a grip!!

How do you wash shoe laces?

use soap

What are the holes for laces in a shoe called?


What is a shoe without laces is called?

A loafer.

How do you not wreck your shoes skateboarding?

shoe goo the ollie area before you skate. this will prevent the shoe from wearing a hole but it will not protect your laces, but laces are cheap anyway.

Did Usain Bolt have his laces untied in his race?

yes he had his shoe laces untied when he set the world record