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Q: How do you do a front flip 360 on a trampoline?
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What are some names for skateboard moves?

kickflip heelflip pop shuv it frontside flip backside flip 360 flip....a.k.a tre flip laser flip varial kick flip varial heelflip front 180 back 180 front 360 back 360 big spin nollie flip nollie heel nollie tre

How can you flip?

on a trampoline

How do you start off doing a front flip on the trampoline?

When you jump up push your arms to the ground and flip your legs back over your head

Where on the trampoline should you start to do a trampoline front flip?

I think the middle if you are good enough you will be able to land in the same spot on the trampoline, if not go from the side and practise staying in the same spot (try moving backwards a bit while doing your front flip so you land almost in the same spot). PS i am a profesional trampolinist!

How high should you jump to do a front flip on a trampoline?

you sould only jump as high as it feels comfortable, but not to low

How can you do a trick on a trampoline?

If you don't know how to do any flips/tricks, don't try anything, because you could get injured. I suggest a gymnastics/tumbling place, & once you know how to do a flip, it will be easy to do on a trampoline. NEVER try to do a flip on the ground just because you can do it on the trampoline, because the trampoline is bouncy and gives you more strength in jumping plus when you land it doesn't really hurt because it's bouncy. Also some tricks that you could do on the trampoline are:CartwheelRoundoffFront TuckBack TuckFront HandspringBack handspringAriel flipone handed cartwheelfront dive rollBack bendBack roll overThese are some very common tricks. I have a trampoline and can do most of these tricks, and they are very fun to do on the trampoline!!Hope this helps!

Highest 360 flip?

a 360 shuv it and a kickflip invented by Rodney mullenknown as 360 flip trey flip and 3 flip

Which is easier on the trampoline a front flip or a back handspring?

definitly a back hand spring if you arent scared to go backwords For me it would be a front flip. Even though I can do both I just got my front flip first. For me on my back hand spring I had the fear on falling on my head, but in a front flip if you chicken out or mess up all you have to do is put your hands down. But everyone is different. :)

What is the best flip trick?

an 360 flip, 360 inwardheel, or 360 hardflip...

Is a 360 flip a kick flip and a 360 shove it?


Are there any trampoline world records?

Absolutely, there is this one from japan which has a guy on a trampoline and slam dunks a basketball from over 6 meters away..take a look:- found these:-Highest basketball front flip slam dunk with a trampolineHigh Impact Squad Jerry Burrel - 10 feet 9 inchesFarthest basketball front flip slam dunk with a trampolineHigh Impact Team member Kevin Vandervolk - 19 feet 2 inches

How do you get over the fear of doing a back flip on a trampoline?

yost try it because if i is on a trampoline it woun't hurt

Is it easier to do a front flip or a back flip?

Front flip

What is a 360 flip glitch on skate?

it means you cant 360/tre flip morons

What is a trade flip in skateboarding?

you fail its a 360 flip and its tre flip

How do you frontflip on a trampoline?

To do a front-flip on a trampoline just practise doing little frontrolls. After that do a little bounce to get you confterble. Keep bouncing higher and higher. After you feel good do it over and over again. AND REMEMBER TO TUCK! Hope this helped Bye!

Does a 270 flip count as a tre flip?

no. because if you were moving at highspeeds you would fall and the other name for it is a 360 flip. meaning you should 360 flip the deck

What are laser flips?

its like a 360 flip but a 360 heel flip its a combination between heelflip and 360 fs pop shuv it

What Is The Best Way To Learn How To Do A Flip On Skis?

Learn how to do one on a trampoline.

How do you do a front handspring on a trampoline?

To do a front handspring on a trampoline is mostly a flip. 1st you need to start with your arms beside your head 2nd a straight body 3rd you can either bounce in to it or stand 4th push off the trampoline 5th go into a handstand 5th arch your back 6th stand up straight Do it fast and it will work really sorry if this doesent help but hopefully it does because it works for me !

Who was the first to 360 flip?

I was

What is the difference between a heel flip and a kick flip?

To put it simple a heel flip is where you kick your foot forward to do a 360 degree flip of the board. A kick flip on the other had is where you kick your foot backward to do a 360 degree flip of the board. It's that simple.

When should you learn a tre-flip or 360 flip?


What tricks have Rodney mullen invented?

he has invented the * 180 Kickflip * 360 Bigspin flip * 360 nollie front foot flip * 360 nollie heelflip * 360 nollie shove-it late flip * 360 nollie underflip * 360 Pressure Flip * 50-50 Casper * 50-50 Saran Wrap * 50-50 Sidewinder * 540 Shove-it * 540 Double Kickflip * Airwalk * Backfoot Varial Heelflip * Backside 180 Flip * Backside Double Heelflip * Backside Double Backfoot Flip * Caballerial impossible * Casper 360 Flip * Casper Slide * Casper Slide 360 Flip * Darkslide * Double Flip Casper Slide * Double Heelflip * Double Kickflip * Double Varial Heelflip * Flat-Ground Ollie * Gazelle (540 Shove-it 360 Body Varial) * Godzilla Rail Flip * Half-Cab Double Flip * Half-Cab Heelflip Darkslide * Half-Cab Impossible * Half Cab Kickflip * Half-Cab Kickflip Underflip * Half Flip Darkslide (Adapted from Mark Gonzales' idea) * Handstand Flip * Heelflip * Helipop (360 Nollie) * Helipop Heelflip * Impossible Casper Slide * Impossible Late 360 flip * Kickflip * Kickflip Underflip * No Handed 50-50 * No Handed 50-50 Kickflip * Nollie Double Flip * Nollie Half-Flip Darkslide * Nollie Heelflip Darkslide * Ollie Fingerflip * Ollie Impossible * Ollie Nosebone * One Footed Ollie * Rusty Slide * Sidewinder * Switch 360 flip * 360 Flip * Triple Heelflip * Triple Kickflip * Varial Heelflip * Varial Heelflip Underflip * Yoho Plant *triple bummflip

Is it easier to do a back flip or a front flip?

It's easier to do a back flip. You get more leverage, and you can control you path and landing much, much better.Well I can do a front flip on the trampoline and I learned when I was six. But I'm trying to do a back flip and it is hard, but I have heard that doing a back flip is SO MUCH EASIER!!I am a gymnast/freerunner and I'd say a back flip is easier but there more fear but a front flip is harder(you need more height and a faster tuck) but less fear.You should go on youtube and search for a guy called jujimufu or Epic1 they have helped me a lot these last few years.It's Harder to do a back flip, most importantly because people have a fear of going backwards.