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to drop in? just start at the top and roll in, putting ur weight forward

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How does a height of a skatebaord affect a skateboard when it goes down a half pipe?


What do you call a skateboard ramp shaped as a U?

This is called a half pipe.

How do you build a half pipe for BMW bikes?

Get a book for building skateboard ramps, and follow the directions.

What is a half pine?

Its Self Defined, A Half Pipe is indeed half of a pipe where more often than not, from the middle to the top is cut off or just not built with at all. It's Main Purpose is for Skating on a skateboard. Visit your local skate park to see a half pipe.

Should you build a drop in to table or a half pipe for your bike or skateboard?

yea but i dont know about the table

What is the height of a half pipe?

Depends on the half pipe....

How much do skateboard ramps cost?

Usually they cost anywhere from 90 dollars, to 500+ dollars. this is only because of the type of ramp, weather it be a rail, or a full half pipe.

What is the difference between half pipe snowboarding and regular snowboarding?

there is no difference, half pipe snowboarding is just regualr snowboarding on a half pipe

How much is a 4ft half pipe?

A 4ft Half pipe will run about 1500 at the cheapest.

How does a person ride a skateboard?

You put your feet on the part of the board with grip tape and push off with one foot if you're on flat land. If you're on the top of a half- pipe, you should stick with putting on foot on the board, letting half of the board go over the ledge, then put your other foot on when you go down the half- pipe. Don't try any tricks until you can stand on a board without falling.

What are the release dates for Skating the Half Pipe - 1998?

Skating the Half Pipe - 1998 was released on: USA: 13 November 1998

What is a7.5 skate board?

A skateboard that measures 7and half feet across.

What is a half pipe?

a u shaped ramp

What is transition radius?

half-pipe(i think)

Is a half pipe a maneuver in downhill skateboarding?


What are you shaped ramps called?

a half pipe

How do you ride a skateboard in San Andreas?

there isn't a skateboard in gta San Andreas but i recommend if you're using the half pipes in there then use a bmx bike or something.

What are the ratings and certificates for Skating the Half Pipe - 1998?

Skating the Half Pipe - 1998 is rated/received certificates of: USA:G (short version)

Water flow rate half inch PVC pipe 65 psi?

Water flow rate half inch PVC pipe 65 psi?

How much water can be pumped through a half inch pipe?

Given enough time the entire ocean could be pumped through a half-inch pipe.

What do you do if your skateboard tricks are sketchy?

Try landing the trick half way or in the grass or something

What is the 900 on a skateboard?

its a full body rotation of turning 2 and a half times in the air

What direction should a pipe union be installed?

It doesn't really matter. I usually put the female half, the side with the nut on first so I don't forget to put the nut on the pipe before I put that half on the pipe.

If you wish to double the speed of a fluid in a round pipe by what fraction must you reduce the radius of the pipe?


What is the outside diameter for one half inch pipe?

1/2 inch + 2*thickness of the pipe.

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