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How do you do a search as it relates to land ownership?

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April 14, 2010 10:45PM

My experience with several states (New York, New Jersey,

Florida) is that there is one governmental office in each county

where deeds are recorded. Go to the office in the county where the

property is located (assuming you are close by, otherwise you will

need a friend to do it or a paid title company person) with the

location of the property (address). The Office may be called the

City Clerk or County Clerk or some similar title. It will, I'm

sure, be more difficult if it is vacant land (and that may require

a title company). There will be some system that office uses

(either tax block and lot of the property or by address and either

in book form or on a computer) that will give you the information

and even show you a copy of the most recent deed.

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