How do you do all the events on poptropolis games?

Because the game gives a slight edge to a player doing poorly, you may want to first play the games you are not as good at, and then the ones you do better at. You must play all 9 sports: archery, diving, hurdles, javelin, long jump, pole vault, power lifting, shot put, and triple jump.
Except for the hurdles, you do not see any of the other champions as they compete. You see only the results at the end of each challenge. You are allowed UNLIMITED practice attempts (see the glitch note following some games).

* Archery
You are shooting arrows while aiming at a target, and there is also a wind that will blow the arrows off course. Shooting the arrow perfectly requires that you click when the moving line crosses the center of the bar at right. Based on the wind speed shown (flag and numeric indicator), you must also aim to the left or right, more or less given the speed of the wind, which can change slightly between shots. You have 10 arrows, and a maximum score of 100 points for 10 hits in the ten-point bullseye. Most players with practice score in the 90s.

* Diving
The diving game requires you to execute somersaults (flips) as you dive, by putting the mouse cursor either to the left or right of the diving avatar. Once a flip is done, complete another one in the same or the opposite direction as shown by the loops when you dive. You must complete either 2, 3, or 4 flips, then click the player just before entering the water to "straighten out." This cannot be done too soon or the diver will begin twisting again. You must get the first dive perfect (2 flips and entry) in order to get a 3-flip on the second dive, and the 3-flip perfect to get a 4-flip on the third dive. You score 10 points for a perfect first dive, 15 for a perfect second dive, 20 for a perfect third dive, for a maximum of 45 points. Missing any dive will likely drop you to 3rd place or lower.
(Glitch - You may not always be able to get the highest score in diving, due to a glitch that only gives 2 or 3 flips instead of 3 or 4 flips in the last two rounds.)

* Hurdles
You race against only 2 other players, the other tribes not eligible, so you will always get a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. When the race starts, your player runs at the best speed, and you need only click to jump each hurdle. The jumping point is about 2 player-widths in front of each hurdle. Jumping too soon or too late will hit the hurdle and slow you down. You have the opportunity to get 1st place if you hit two hurdles or less, and 2nd place if you hit 4 or less. Otherwise you will get 3rd no matter how many more you hit.

* Javelin
The javelin throw is the hardest to get perfect because there is little margin for error. As the javelin is tilting up and down, click to stop it at a high angle (it lights up) and then rapidly click again when the power bar reaches the green area. Being closer to the end of the green will improve the throw distance, but going into the red is a foul (failure). The highest angle and hardest throw will go about 200 meters (much farther than the actual world's record), and about 190 meters should place you in the top three finishers. You have only 3 tries.
(Glitch: during early play, players were receiving credit for distances thrown in practice as their longest throws, but this is not a normal occurrence.)

*Long Jump
The long jump is simply a matter of clicking when you reach the end of the run-up track. Click to start the runner, then release when you are at the end of the track as indicated by the descending track numbers. You must actually click slightly before you reach the end, or you will foul. You get 3 attempts, and a distance of 100 to 110 meters is good.

*Pole vault
As you run-up, click when you reach the "Launch" area and release as the small power bar reaches the top of the yellow zone. Ideally, click immediately on reaching the launch area, and wait a second as the indicator changes before clicking again. A maximum height of 49.9 meters is possible, which is about 8 times as high as the Olympic record. (!) Clicking outside the Launch area or after the power goes into the red is a foul.

* Power Lifting
This is the most unusual of the games, in that you have to click on a moving target to "raise the weight" that is being "lifted" by your player. As each round starts, there is a 100 kg weight, and you attempt to keep an additive weight from going down by clicking directly on the moving target. You begin at 100 and 100 extra kg and have to keep clicking the target with a "green hit" to keep the weight from lowering. You will advance to the 200, 300, 400, and 500 kg rounds, but the target moves faster and more erratically as you go. You have a maximum of 280, 360, 450, and 530 kg in each round. Each round takes longer, and if the score shown drops to zero, you will get the previous round's score. A score of 500+ is usually required to get one of the top three places. (Slower connection or computers have experienced problems with clicking in this.)

* Shot Put
Another involved, but player-friendly sport. The object is to line up the indicator arrows above your player, to get the best angle, then to click the spinning power indicators as they revolve in a circle. Click once for each of the 3 sliding grey arrows when it is in its "green" or yellow zone. Once all three directionals are set, click when all three of the rotating markers is at the top of the circle (max power). This occurs every 2nd revolution (time around) of the outer marker, when all three will be in the green twelve-o'clock position. The maximum distance is just over 120 meters (many times the actual world record for the shot put, which is 23 meters).

* Triple Jump
This can be a tricky competition, because you land twice and jump again. You may land either long or short on the separate stone landing areas. Click and hold down your mouse button to start running, then release at the end of the run-up track (white line). As you land on the next column, click and release for the second jump. As you land on the third column, again click to jump from that column. You will land in the sand pit at far right. The longest jump can actually include jumping early on either the first or second jump, then waiting a second when you land before jumping again. This is tricky however, and you may foul. You have 3 tries. A good jump is 125 to 130 meters.