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How do you do finishers in WWE survivor series for gba?

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hold a to grapple so hit your opponent till his like halve dead then press a

downlaod the emulator VBA and download the roms of the GBA Pokemon Series

You have to trade it from the gba series

It is quite simple.. Use A to grapple then immediately press B to do the finisher.

no. onli gba in gba and ds from ds!

no, the Zero series only for GBA until CAPCOM released the collection for Nintendo DS

After you get it in one of the GBA Pokemon series, transfer it to Pal Park by Dual Slot.

yes they can play gb games they can play gba games they can play gba sp games

The Normal Pokemon game will work the the GBA SP as it because the gba SP is just a GBA with a flip screen and brighter screen! The Normal Pokemon game will work the the GBA SP as it because the gba SP is just a GBA with a flip screen and brighter screen!

A GBA action replay can have GBA cheats, but you can't put GBA cheats on an Action Replay DS even if you intend to use it on a regular DS with a GBA slot.

A DS's Slot-2 (GBA slot) is unable to use the DS's wireless capabilities, even if it's a GBA game which could use the GBA wireless adaptors. You can only use the online portions of a GBA game using an actual GBA and a GBA wireless adaptor.

It depends what you want for your GBA.

A GBA Charger/Adapter stupid

No, the DSi does not have a GBA slot.

Yes, it can considering that the GBA SP is just a newer version of the GBA, just like the NDS and NDS lite.

The GBA can be customized with a huge range of GBA cases, you can even custom make them if you like.

nothing happens. I've done it. you spend 3000 pictures on a nonexistent secret.

either the micro gba otherwise the ds

No. The 3DS does not have a slot for GBA Cartridges and therefore cannot play GBA games.

Yes, there's a GBA Action Replay, GBA Xploder/Gameshark, as well as the Action Replay Max Duo which works on GBA games.

gba beacause it has abunch of mario,pokemon,and zelda games + you can play gbc and gb games on a gba console. ps i recomend gba sp :)

The GBA is not region locked, you can use a PAL GBA game on a GBA from the US for example. There is no other compatibility issue because all GBA consoles are inherently NTSC, PAL just refers to a region of distribution.

Pokémon HeartGold is a DS game. You have to have a DS to play it, not a GBA. They don't make Pokémon GBA games anymore. ACM112 -NO GBA (NO$GBA) is a emulator

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