How do you do show jumping?

You need YEARS of experience on horses (5 at least). And you jump high jumps on horseback in front of judges. (I have been riding since I was 7 months old and I am now 11 and still have trouble sometimes.)

I would say that you do need a lot of experience to do top level show jumping but on the right horse you can easily do local level show jumping. If you need more info or help look on the bsja website or pony club website


I started by falling of a naughty pony heaps and that was only 4 or 5 years ago. I did have an instructor which has helped loads and now on a different pony I'm hoping to compete in horse of the year next year and all i can say is that show jumping has to have commitment as well as practicing, all known from experience. :)

It all takes practice, experience and falling of to learn what your doing wrong. Show jumping is not really something you do it's something you feel and experience. To help you a little when you try: make sure you look up coming towards the jump and you use your seat and legs to drive your horse on and have a good even contact on your reins