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You do squats by simply just bending up and down while holding on to something, and to do kick-backs all you have to do is just lift up your leg up high and kick a lot. Also lunges are helpful all you do is put one knee on the ground and the other in the air bent and move back and forth.

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Q: How do you do squats kickbacks and any other exercises for getting bigger butts at home?
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What exercises can you do to get a bigger butt when you have bad knees?

As you cannot do squats, the next best is kickbacks. If these also give you problems then simple squeeze-hold repeated routines will help.

What are some exercises for your butt to get bigger?

Beside squats

Does doing squats and kickbacks make your butt smaller or bigger?

you burn fat, make muscle... makes your but cheeks firmer!

Is there anything a doctor can do besides surgery to help you get a bigger butt when you already do exercises like squats?

Doing squats helps alot.

What is a natural way to make your butt look bigger?

Do exercises that slim and tone your thighs while lifting your rear. Examples - kickbacks, squats, hydrants... If your weight does not go to your butt when you gain, you just won't get a big butt. However, if your thighs are smaller you can appear to have more back there.

Does squats make the butt bigger?

Squats will tone and strengthen the glutes. Whether or not it makes the butt bigger depends on the person. However, if you currently have a small/flat butt, it is one of the best exercises for it, and it certainly made mine bigger and better shaped.

Do sguats make your but bigger?

Yes doing squats will make the rear end bigger. There are also other exercises that will make the rear end bigger such as hip thrusts and glute bridges.

Muscular strength exercises?


Can men grow bigger hips?

Squats are exercises that can be used to by men to grow bigger hips. Gaining weight could also add more girth to the hip area.

What exercises should you do to get a bigger rounder butt and how often should you do these exercises to see results?

By chance have you tried Pilates or yoga? I heard Pilates or yoga flattens the butt...building muscle is probably the only thing that will help it to get bigger. I have heard about squats and lunges, but I am not exactly sure how many and how often these should be done. Look up exercises to build "glutes". For building up the rear end do squats and lunges

What exercises tone your butt?

O.o ...? Squats...

How do you get muscles in your thighs?

Squats ExerciseLeg PressLeg CurlsCalf Raises { Seated and Standing}Hamstring ExercisesBarbell Lunges / Dumbbell LungesDumbbell SquatsOptional Leg ExercisesFront SquatsHack SquatsHalf SquatsSissy SquatsLeg ExtensionsDonkey Calf Raises

If you have bad knees what other exercises besides squats and lunges can work your butt?

split squats

What exercises make legs bigger?

Squats Well, squats are a good place to start but if you're going for a well rounded fitness and appearance it's a little more involved. There are several exercises, besides squats, that will help achieve this goal including calf raises, dead lift, one-legged squats, power cleans and some stationary flexion and extension machine exercises. The key is combining all of the above, mixing it up to keep your body from adapting to specific exercises, and working at higher weights and lower repetitions. Remember, this is for building muscle mass in particular.

What exercises make your butt larger?

Squats, & lunges

What exercises increase buttock size?

squats, definitely

What are some exercises that football players do?

lunges, squats.

Which exercises will increase the thickness of your thighs?

Assuming that you are eating correctly and getting sufficient rest, probably the best three exercises for increasing the thickness of your thighs are squats, deadlifts, and leg curls. .

What are some anaerobic exercises?

Lunges and Jump Squats are also some more anaerobic exercises.

Does adding weight to squats make your thigh muscles bigger?

No. If you wish to make your muscles bigger though, Exercises! This helps you to lose weight, make you healthier and pluck up your muscles too. :D

Alternative exercises using your quads?

Squats (and any variation of them: single leg squats, lateral squats, wide-stance squats), leg presses, and leg extensions (although these put a lot of torque on your knees, and should be avoided) are the most common and effective exercises to build quad muscles.

What are the 5 best quad workouts?

Some of the beset quad exercises are:Back SquatsLeg pressHack SquatsFront SquatsLeg Extension

How do you get a good butt?

Squats and other leg and thigh exercises.

What are some exercises?

push ups, squats, jogging, esc...

What are some lower body exercises?

Jogging Squats and Basketball