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Fiero BrakesYou first must buy a tool from GM (not preferably due to price) or from the auto parts store (defiantly less expensive then dealer) wich turns the caliper.This tool sort of looks like a steel cube with little nubs sticking out here and there.This tool fits on a regular ratchet and the little nubs on the tool fit directly into your caliper. You then proceed to turn your caliper like it was a bolt until it is completely in then just install your brakes just like the front, bot make sure you allign your nubs on the back of your brake shoe to the indentions on your caliper.
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Q: How do you do the rear brakes on a 1987 fiero?
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Is the 1987 fiero a front wheel drive?

No , rear wheel drive

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what is the fuel pressure on a 1987 fiero gt

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Are they drum? If so they need to be cleaned and adjusted. Ensure there are no leaks.

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Do front wheel drive cars have rear brakes?

Yes - some have drum rear brakes and others have disc rear brakes

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If you mean 1988 and they are both notchies, yes they will.

The plugs and wire on a 1987 Pontiac fiero v6?

what about them?

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( 1 ) on each of the rear drum brakes

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You have drum brakes on the rear.

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front front - rear rear.

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LS6 Chevelles had rear disc-brakes

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The front and rear brakes are both made of ceramic. i bought front and rear brakes on eBay for $80 total.

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Drum brakes.

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There are two horizontal bolts at the front of the cradle, and two verticle bolts at the rear. You do of course have to deal with the engine, transmission, brakes and suspension also.

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Front brakes have significantly more stopping power than rear brakes.

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1987 Pontiac Fiero2.8 liter V-6

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How do you get a diagram of how to put the rear brakes of 1987 Buick LeSabre back together?

You can purchase a Hyanes repair maunal for about 10 dollars. It will have pictures and step by step instructions on how to repair your brakes.

How do you adjust rear brakes on a 2004 Chevrolet Aveo?

You can adjust the rear brakes with the rear brake adjustment bolt. The rear brakes should adjust automatically every time you back up and use the brake.

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i need a diagram on how rear brakes are assembled

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