How do you do wrestling?

go to a pro wreslting school and if you want to make it to the big leagus i suggest you put on lots of muscle first then go train and wwe or tna will look at you for your size and personality and character

but thats only for professional wrestling my friend, in Amateur wrestling, one of the original styles, theres a majority difference. this style is a Grappling sport you would usually see Suplexes takedowns pins, ground fighting, and if your in submission wrestling, Submissions!

As a huge professional wrestling fan for most of my life, we wouldnt have pro wrestling if it werent for amateur, and a folk style known as Catch, or catch as catch can. professional wrestling came along in the 17th century, im unknown if the 50% way was involved back then. the first organization had to began by combining catch wrestling with martial arts, thus beginning how we see it today.