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When you have a Pokemon you want copied, go to your computer, into bills PC, and open a new box. Put the Pokemon you want into copy into that box. Then click on the switch boxes and after it says it will save when you switch boxes say yes. Now timing is key, click a different empty box and before it switches, turn off the game. You will now have two of the same Pokemon for your self!


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Q: How do you double Pokemon on blue and red version?
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How do you catch a growlithe in Pokemon Blue?

You cannot catch a growlithe in Pokemon blue. It is only available in the red version. There are Pokemon unique to red and blue versions. Growlithe is one of them. You can buy the red version or trade one of the Pokemon only available in blue with someone who has the red version

What is the first version of the Pokemon games?

Pokemon blue and Pokemon red

Where to get Syther in Pokemon Blue version?

Syther is not available in Blue version and must be transferred from Red version.

How do you get red versions Pokemon in blue version?

You link up with a friend who has Pokemon red, then you trade.

How do you get magmar in Pokemon Red version?

Magmar can be only captured in Blue version.

Where can you find the Pokemon bellsprout in red version?

You can't because you can only catch Oddish on Pokemon red version. the only way you can have Bellsprout on Pokemon red is trade from blue

Where do you get Scyther on Pokemon Blue version?

Scyther is exclusive to Pokemon Red Version and therefore cannot be obtained anywhere in Blue except through glitching.

Can you trade Pokemon from Red version to Blue version?

Yes you can. Use a link cable.

Where to find oddish in Pokemon Blue version?

I don't believe you can in blue, only in red. The substitute Pokemon is bellsprout.

Delete Pokemon in the red version?

You can't delete pokemon. You can just release it. If you want a guide, go It has a walkthrough on Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green Version.

Can you trade Pokemon red version to Pokemon Blue version?

Yes, but you'll need a link cable into the Gameboy to trade.

What is the first Pokemon game ever made?

It was the Red version with Charzard on it and the Blue version with Blastiose on it! (:

Is Pokemon green real?

Green version is a japan only version of Red, and Blue version. But yes its real.

Where can you catch Ekons in Pokemon Blue?

Ekans cannot be caught in Pokemon Blue version. You need to trade one from Pokemon Red. Similarly, Sandshrew is exclusive to Pokemon Blue.

What Pokemon are different in Pokemon Red and blue?

there are a lot to mention but I'll give some. in Pokemon Yellow you can have Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle all at the same time where in Red and Blue you can only have one. Meowth is not wild in the Yellow version but can be caught in the Blue version.

Where do you find growlithe in Pokemon Blue?

Growlithe are specific to red version and yellow version only. As are oddish

What version of Pokemon have three region?

Yellow is Pikachu. Red is Rachu. Blue is......

Can you trade from Pokemon mystery dungeon red version to Pokemon mystery dungeon blue version?

no. not possible it either has to be 2 game boy games or 2 ds games no but you can catch all Pokemon in red or blue.,.for ex. magikarp is not in red but i have magikarp in my red.,.^_^HOW???.,., send me message if you want.,.,^_^ by:lykn0oders

Where do you find a Charmander on Pokemon silver version?

You'll need to trade for it from Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow.

Can i battle Pokemon silver version Vs. Pokemon blue version using Pokemon Stadium 2 for N64 and transfer packs or only gold vs silver or blue vs red?


Where can you catch an Ho-oh in Pokemon Red version for Gameboy color not Pokemon FireRed?

I'm pretty sure you can't have a Ho-Oh in the original red version. To get Pokemon in the original red, blue, or yellow, you can only have the original 151 Pokemon.

Does the infinite item cheat work on Pokemon Yellow?

Yellow, red, and blue version.

Can you trade your Pokemon from red blue yellow version to Heart gold?

licky lickey

How do you get a Kanto starter Pokemon in original gold version?

A red, blue or yellow trade you them.

How do you get missing no in Pokemon Crystal?

You cant only on blue version red yellow and green