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How do you download Morpheus without a credit card?


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2006-07-28 12:39:12
2006-07-28 12:39:12

Try going to whats called the Torrent sits the are generally free. Go to Google and type in torrent and a slew of them should come up. Then just type in what you want. I have found New Movies, Games and such on these sites all for free. You will have to however go to and get the download program for these.


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Answerdownload limewire or kazza or morpheuslimewire is being sued so its not a good choice at the moment, and kazaa has spyware in its programs. I haven't tried morpheus though

yes u an download it without credit card i already did it lol......

the website you can go to to download music without a credit card is napster

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The LimeWire software can be downloaded free of charge from their download page (See links below).

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