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How do you download a video file which is playing online?

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how to download video and you can get me the file. how to download video and you can get me the file. how to download video and you can get me the file.

You need to convert the video file. Free video converters are available online. Google: free video converters and download one. Follow the conversion instructions to convert the file from one file name extension (format) to another.

Download the Video to your ComputerDownload some Software which can Convert Video's to an P4 FileUse online downloader and convert them to mp4 with Handbrake if they are not MP4s originally.

You will need a video converter to convert the .mp6 file into an .avi. Free video converters are available online. Google: free video converters and download one.

Yes you can, you can download both music and videos, you can download both by connecting it to the computer, and checking what sound file/video file it supports. Do this by making a video and a recording then connecting you video watch to the computer, after that locate the video and sound then check what file it is.

You can download free video songs on YouTube with MKV file.

i am wondering what file are u talking about. if u mean the flash video file, you can download with leawo youtube download

Get Youtube Downloader. Download the video convert it to a video file. Pretty straightforward

You need a program to download the video from YouTube (if you don't have one, try for Free studio). Paste the YouTube link into the downloader. Start the download, and open the finished file in a media program (you can use windows media player, realplayer or any program that is used for playing/copying media). Use 'sync' to copy the file to your ipod. And you're finished! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Realplayer, then click 'download video' when you've brought up the video you want to download. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Search keepvid on google open the website with the same name then enter the video's URL click search button then choose video file type and quality then click download. Let the video download then upload the video to itunes then sync your music device. Or you can do it online without using any software Takes much less time

Download VLC Video Player here:

how do i transfer a video file on my desktop to my facebook page

when an online video is inserted in a word document the file size of the document increase

this is simple, either download a free version of a video/file converter online; or purchase one. or you could just ask a friend to do it for you if they already have a video converter.

You can download a free video converter online. Simply Google: free video converters. Choose a download and install one. Follow conversion instructions ensuring the Output Source Format is the one desired (and not .mov).

You need a video file converter to open AVI files in Windows Movie Maker (and some other applications).Video converters are available online. Simply Google: free video converters. Once you have downloaded one, you can convert the AVI to any file name extension(format) you like.

But still, go to mediaconverter because it is online and you don't have to download it. plus its free and has many advanced options for how you can convert your video and download it under what ever file you need it for

To change a .MOV file for an .avi file you will need a video converter. Free video converters are available online. Simply Google: free video converters.Download one.Follow the conversion instructions ensuring your 'Output Source Format' is .avi.

Well, Video Download Studio Pro is a perfect all-in-one video solution. Video Download Studio Pro enables you quickly download multiple videos from video sharing sites all over the world at one time. It automatically detect videos that start to play from all kinds of online websites like YouTube, Metacafe. If you need, mp3 file, you can use Video Download Studio as a converter. A download URL is the address used to download a file from the internet onto your computer. It is simply the location where the file is stored online.

If on a video file it typically means when you play the file it ask you to download a unique video codec to watch. In reality it is givig you a boatload of trojans & spyware.

Download Youtube downloader just google it then click import video and click on the video file it saved. Note that you have to change the file type to wmv not flv as youtube downloader will want to save it as. There is an option to convert the file type in the download program.

First, iTunes support mp4 video file. Most limewire file not compatible with itunes. The only thing you should do is to download video convert tool. Google a tool called"Video Download Studio"

You can watch a video on youtube. Only search Oh5m5C-eoIM In this site you can get a link to download a manual in Castilian / Spanish. If you download the zip file you can get a PDF MANUAL and a FLA file.

Only the uploader of the video is guaranteed to be able to download a video file from YouTube onto their own USB or device. If a video is claimed by a copyright owner, then nobody will be able to download the video from the YouTube website, not even the uploader.

get a video capture card if you are playing on a console. or get a screen capture program like fraps. then move the game video file to your video editing file and voice over or if on computer plug in a mic while playing and set it to record you during the video

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