How do you download greasemonkey Google Chrome?

Though Google Chrome supports Greasemonkey, you don't need to install an extension for it to run. The man who invented Greasemonkey happens to work on the Google Chrome team, and as such chrome has full featured support of it! Go to userscripts site and click install for any of the scripts, and chrome will treat it just like an extensions, (installing and uninstalling is virtually instant and free) but it will run like a greasemonkey. On top of this - Chrome's support of greasemonkey is more secure than Firefox's, making for a better and safer browsing experience.

But it is said, 15 - 25% of userscripts or Greasemonkey scripts does not work properly in Google Chrome. Either use Tampermonkey, a Google Chrome Extension to manage Greasemonkey scripts in Google Chrome. This extension will force userscripts to behave well with Google Chrome.