How do you download Gutenberg project books onto kindle?


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2011-02-21 20:13:40
2011-02-21 20:13:40

Go to Project Gutenberg, and select the Kindle-compatible version of the book you're interested in. Then save it to your computer.

Connect the Kindle to your computer using the USB cable you received together with the device. The Kindle will now act like any flash storage device, so open My Computer and then double-click on the Kindle drive. You'll see a set of folders, including one called Documents.

Copy the book from your computer and paste it into the Documents folder in your Kindle.

Unplug the Kindle from your computer or, if you want to keep charging the battery, eject it (right-click on the Kindle drive in My Computer) and the new book will be on your Home list.


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Public domain works are free to download and use on your computer and your Kindle. Project Gutenberg will usually let you download books as text and a Kindle-compatible format (unprotected .mobi). You'll probably have to use your USB cable to transfer them on your Kindle though.

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Only unprotected .mobi books are compatible with the Kindle. You can use books in .mobi format from Project Gutenberg, for example, but not e-books that you've purchased and have DRM.

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Yes, it depends if the author is dead then yes the book is free. Here are some example websites where you can download free Kindle books:AllBooksFree,Project Gutenberg,ClassicReader, justkindlebooks,etc.

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You can download public domain books legally from either Project Gutenberg or Project Bartelby

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You can get the texts from Project Gutenberg and Project Gutenberg Australia. A freely available formatted version of the books can also be found at the related link (erb2ebook).

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