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How do you download music to my flash drive?


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How do you download music to my flash drive?

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Go to ur music files in your comp. then drag and drop into your flash drive.

Yes, you are able to put music, games ,and other media on a usb 2.0 flash drive.

to download documents and files to a flash drive, you have to drag it over and open it with a itunes file and then listen to some dope music.

download it to your hard drive, then drag and drop onto the flash drive

You can not download the IMVU client to a U3 Flash Drive.

by just connecting the flash drive into the flash drive will work....and you could get music from lime wire....>.

put your flash drive in the ps3 and then you could download movies or music

Yes. Just either buy a flash drive, put it in their computer, and put the songs on the flash drive, or you can plug your iPod into their computer and drag the music you want using iTunes.

Plug it into a USB slot on a computer and simply transfer the files.

Open up your flash drive directory by going to "My Computer" and clicking your flash drive. Then open where your music is, and simply drag and drop.

If you plug it into a computer that has speakers. But not from the actual flash drive.

Yes, you can download songs from a flash drive onto a computer. Plug in the Flash drive and open the flash drive up and another window to where you want the song to be. Just drag the song from the flash drive to the window you want it to be in, and wait for the transfer to take place.

In the same way you do when you download movie on your hard drive. Save or Save as... choose folder on your flash drive, press OK.

Open up the Flash Drive from the desktop, create a new folder out of the flash drive, select the files in the Flash Drive, then drag-and-drop the files into the folder.

You save your document to your desktop or to where you can find it, once you do that you drag it to your flash drive file and it will download in to it and there you go its on your flash drive.

How To Use a USB Flash Drive First, if you don't already have one, buy a USB flash Drive. Second, put the flash drive into the USB slot. Choose what picture, music, e.t.c that you want to transfer to another computer. Then you notice that the USB icon appeared on your desktop, you drag your picture, music, e.t.c to that icon. Now you have uploaded your picture, music, e.t.c to your Flash Drive. Third, on your keyboard in the top right corner you notice the eject button. Click it and then take out your Flash Drive. Fourth, put the Flash Drive into the other computer, and you notice -once again-the USB icon on your desktop. Now double click the icon and CONGRATS! You now have your picture, music, e.t.c. And you can download it to your hard drive by dragging it to a Folder of your choice. NOTE: DO NOT take out your Flash Drive without pressing the eject button.

Can i download adobe flash with android

first you would have to put your music onto itunes and then plug your mp3 player in and download them on it.

Save it to your downloads folder, desktop, etc. Then just insert a flash drive and drag it onto the flash drive icon. Or copy it to the flash drive.

Get to where the music is on the flash drive then right click or highlight the music you want then click send to then click on the file you want to put it on your computer.

A Flash drive is a small memory storage device that you plug into your computer. It is not something that can be downloaded.

You put the song you want and scroll the cursor to the flash drive

Your computer, iPhone, iPod, MP3 player, Smart phone, CD, DVD, Cassette tape, Flash drive, Zip Drive, stand alone hard drive, etc.

you change the folder you want to save it to. when it ask you were you want to save it you change to your flash drive

First, save your presentation to your desktop, and from there you can click and drag it to your flash drive.

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