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There are countless sources of data to view in Google Earth.

Best bet to going to the Google Earth Gallery, Google Earth Blog, or Google Earth Hacks. See everything from real-time earthquake feeds to tips using GE in stereo 3D.

However, if you're interesting in customizing google earth in how it interacts with the user and data then try looking into the Google Earth API, which is a JavaScript API for Google Earth as a web-browser plugin.

See related links section below.

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Is Google earth 6 free?

Yes, you can download Google Earth for free. There is also a professional version of Google Earth called Google Earth Pro for business users. That version has some new features (e.g., better printing, advanced import support, etc.) but uses the same imagery so it's generally not worth the annual cost for the casual user.

How can you get Google Earth free without getting chrome?

Go to and click the download button. It should download and install Google Earth.AdditionallyTo unbundle Google's chrome web browser you need to uncheck the following option on the Google Earth download page:[x] Include Google Chrome, a fast new browser for Windows and Mac.If you don't see this option then Google Earth should be standalone.

What new features are there in Google Chrome 20?

There are a number of features in the new Google Chrome. If you are not disconnected, it starts a game of dinosaurs.

Is Google Street View not working?

Google recently stopped support for Street View in versions of Google Earth older than 6.0. This means that Google Earth 5.1, 5.2, and older no longer access the Street View layer. Google announced that with the most recent update to Google Earth (6.2), it finalized the transition to a new method of delivering Street View imagery in Google Earth and dropped the older method of delivery in older versions of Google Earth (anything before 6.0). Download the latest Google Earth version to access the Street View imagery and other new features at related link below. Note the new preview version of Google Maps had removed the Orange "pegman" icon used to activate Street View, which made many users report that Street View was broken. The "pegman" icon has been recently added back due to popular demand.

How do you update Google earth version?

Normally Google Earth Pro auto-updates to the new version when it is available but if that feature is disabled or not working you can manually install the latest version. Visit the Google Earth download page to download the latest version for Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop platforms. You can show the version of Google Earth in the Hep menu and selecting "About Google Earth". Note that Google Earth desktop has been replaced with Google Earth Pro so all updates will be with the latter.For the web version of Google Earth, your web browser always accesses the latest version and you never have to install or uninstall the application.Mobile platforms can update Google Earth using the Google Store, Apple store, or equivalent application management utlility on the particular platform.

How do you get the new Google Earth set up?

First step is to download and install Google Earth. Next steps is to navigate in Google Earth. Launch Google Earth and start by entering your home or favorite address in the search panel. You can enter the full address of just the city, zip code, or country to fly there. Tutorials for using Google Earth including videos can be found in related links below.

How can you download Google Earth quickly and easily?

Google Earth provides a free client for non-business uses. Just visit the download page on google earth web site (see related links below).Next you may want to uncheck these check boxes unless you want to download Google Chrome web browser and make it your default browser.[ ] Include Google Chrome, a fast new browser for Windows and Mac[ ] Google Chrome Make Google Chrome my default browser.Click 'Agree and Download' and a small setup program (e.g. 550 KB) is downloaded to your computer. Select 'Save File' (or equivalent) and run that file (e.g. GoogleEarthSetup.exe) when it is done downloading.After it is installed successfully you can start using Google Earth.

How do you know if you have the latest version of Google Chrome?

Anyway download the google chrome beta. There option to download it in the download page. There is written that 'try the new beta version'

How do you download new moon?

try mp4pig (type in google)

What are the new features of Google Chrome?

its faster. Second thing Google Chrome support many add ons features like Google Page Rank, Awesome Screen Short...

Are there any new features released recently for Google calendar?

Yes there are new features, which you can find on from the main website. The new features including calendars that you can sync with your phone, there's a reminder and many more features

What is the new in HTML?

The new HTML contains a large number of features. Download and Required attributes are new in it.

What are the different versions of Google Earth?

Google Earth software is available in 5 types:Google Earth free desktop clientGoogle Earth free mobile clientGoogle Earth web browser plugin (uses Google Earth API)Google Earth Pro clientGoogle Earth Enterprise clientFor each desktop platform Google Earth has Windows, Mac, Linux versionsFor mobile platform there are Android, and iOS (iPhone) versions.There is also a new automotive version as well.

What simulators are there on Google Earth?

Google Earth only has a F-16 and SR22 in its Flight Simulator. There are no other simulators or aircraft models built-in to Google Earth. There are some new simulators such as cars being created using the Google Earth API.

Where can one find out about the new Google Earth and Maps Gallery?

The best place to go regarding any sort of information on Google Earth and the Maps Gallery is the official Google Earth website. The website covers everything to do with Google Earth etc.

Difference between internet explorer and Google Chrome?

Internet Explorer and Google chrome are both web browsers, programs made for displaying websites. They are both very similar. Internet Explorer is from Windows and is installed on every new Windows PC, Google chrome is from Google and free to download online. Google Chrome has more features and is faster.

What features are included in the service pack 3 download?

There are many features which are included in the service pack 3 download, it is able to fix a range of bugs and also adds new features to Windows XP. Two new features include: Black Hole Router Detection and Network Access Protection.

How do you get into Melbourne University From New Zealand?

Fly to Australia and get directions on Google maps or Google Earth.

What are the new Google Earth features?

Google Earth 7.1 introduces these new features:Support for LEAP Motion deviceEnhanced starfieldGoogle Feedback tool integrationRedesigned balloonsGoogle Earth 7.0:Support for 3D imagery data in major cities.Tour Guide mechanism in the clientSupport for terrain data accessed via Google Maps EngineZooming in now tilts at a higher elevation in order to showcase 3D imageryA unified graphical rendering pipelineRedesigned startup tips and status barGoogle Earth 6.2:Improved seamless imagery renderingEnhanced searchUnified network stackAbility to share screenshots with your Google+ circles from within the Google Earth clientUnified Google login mechanism in the clientImproved performance with 3D buildingsGoogle Earth 6.1:Improvements to Street View including zoom sliderAdded the ability to sort "My Places"Google Earth 6.0:Integrated (redesigned) Street View3-D treesEasy to use historical imageryGround-level navigationGoogle Earth 5.2:Elevation profileTrack and Multi-track extensions in Google EarthVisualization of Rain/SnowGoogle Earth 5.0:Underwater terrain, water surface and underwater 3D modelsHistorical imageryMars imagery/terrain/layers

What new feature did Google Maps add in 2008?

There were a number of new features added to Google Maps in 2008. On April 2, 2008, Google added contour lines to the Terrain view. On July 15, 2008, walking directions were added. For full list see related links for list of all documented new features.

How do you input a street address into Google Earth?

To find a street address in Google Earth you simply enter its address in the Search/Fly-to text box. To enter a new business address you can create a free entry in Google Places, which is used to populate Google Earth and Google Maps. Or you can enter a new address or fix the mapping of an existing address to its correct location using the Google Map Maker.

What is the distance from New York to lisbon?

Suggest you Google Earth that one.

Where is the kiwi located at present?

New Zealand. search for it on Google earth.

How far is Memphis Tennessee to new Orleans?

use google earth

What are the three major geographical features in Colombia?

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