How do you download pictures from a sd card to computer?

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You need to have a SD card reader, either internal or an external one that plugs in to a USB port. Or just use your camera as the card reader if it plugs into your computer USB port. Insert the SD card, find the drive number for the SD card reader (or camera) using windows explorer or whatever method you use to work with files. Then just drag and drop to whatever hard drive folder you want the pictures in.
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How can you see pictures from your phone on your computer with an SD card?

To view pics. in an SD card on a PC . In order to view pictures from a cell phone, on a computer, by means of an SD card, you will need the pictures to be in a format supported by the operating system on the computer (.jpg is the most common and commonly supported). Your computer must have an SD ( Full Answer )

How do you download pictures from a computer to a Memory Card?

If you are using a laptop computer with an inbuilt card reader, just insert your SD card & you will be able to see the card memory in your 'My Computer'. 1. You can copy the pictures by selecting & Ctrl+C & then Right-click --> Send To--> 2. Or after copying the picture, double-click on the SD ( Full Answer )

How do you download digital pictures from SD card to CD ROM?

You need to download the files from the digital camera by eitherconnecting the device or inserting the SD Card into the slot, ifyour computer supports the last option. Then, copy the files onto ablank CD or DVD.

How to you load pictures from an SD card onto the computer?

When you plug the SD card into your computer, then there is achance that the computer will pop up a window asking you what todo. Assuming that does not occur, then you should follow these stepto get the pictures from the memory card to the computer: . For Windows: 1) Go to "My Computer" 2) Look at ( Full Answer )

How to put pictures on SD memory card from my computer?

NB This is for an XP computer, a Canon camera, and a card that has already been formatted . If you do not format the card first the camera will not be able to read it. 1. Open "My Computer" (Will show A Drive, C Drive etc) 2. Put Card Reader into USB socket in computer (Shows "Removable Disk " a ( Full Answer )

Can you import pictures into a SD card?

Yes. Place it in the card reader (you may also be able to use your camera for this, but if it doesn't work, don't blame us). Find the card in My Computer. It will show as a removable drive. Click on it. A window will open showing the contents of the card. Drag and drop the images onto th ( Full Answer )

How do you put a sd card in a computer?

if it is a laptop the hole will be on the right. the part that sais SD card should face up. If not you will need to purchase a SD usb reader, which can be purchased from walmart.

How do you load pictures from computer onto an SD card?

Put the SD card into the card reader. Look in MY Computer and find the card. It will usually have an assigned drive letter higher than D. Open that file, then drag and drop the images from the computer onto the window. The images will be copied onto the card, and the originals will remain on the com ( Full Answer )

How do you download music on the sd card?

You'll Need These Things: *Laptop/Computer *SD card *SD Card Reader *iTunes What To Do: 1)Put the SD card, to your Laptop or PC 2)Go to iTunes 3)Right click the song you want and click "convert AAC Format" 4)It'll load then right click, "Open to Windows Player" or something like that 5)You' ( Full Answer )

Do you need a sd card to download songs and pictures on a dsi?

Yes you need a sd card to download songs but i dont think you can download pictures == yes, you need a SD Card but you still need another device to read the songs and pictures from the DS card - Flash carts(such as R4i, m3i zero, acekard 2i or DSTTi),

How do you download songs on a sd card?

plug your sd card into a computer and drag files into it using iTunes windows media player etc... then plug it back into your dsi and they should by there

Pictures from sd card onto your computer?

There is usually an SD card slot on the front of the computer, or on the side if it's a laptop. Just plug it in and you should be able to use it like a USB device. An Autoplay option should come up and you can drag and drop the photos onto your computer. If that doesn't work, insert the SD card into ( Full Answer )

How do you download photos from sd card?

camera shops sell adapters. they have a slot that you can slide your sd card into and a usb connection that you can plug into your computer

How do you download pic on sd card to computer?

Transferring files from a SD card to a computer is relativelysimple. Modern computers now have preinstalled programs which readthe memory cards and a port to insert the memory cards. Simplyslide the card right-side up into the port and the computer willlet you view the files. There the files can be ( Full Answer )

Can you download pictures from a DSi with an SD card?

yes! plug in your sd card go 2 camra tap options tap copy choose copy diarection choose what you want 2 copy choose items 2 copy plug in 2 computer and move files 2 documents.or go 2 this link search " download pics off of dsi on to an sd card"

How to retrieve pictures from sd card?

As long as your removed SD photos are not written over by new data, you CAN definitely get back those lost items by relying on a photo recovery software.

Can you download games on a sd card?

Yes, you can. However, you can only download games onto the SDthrough the shop channel. Otherwise, the DS will not read and playit.

How do you download computer photos to a SD card?

Hook up the SD card to the computer then click "Save As" and save the photo (or the folder containing desired photos) under the SD card location (it might say importable disk then a #, but sometimes it doesn't).

Download pictures from computer to SD Memory Card?

the question is vague but I'll answer to the best of my abilities...If your computer has an SD card reader, simply put the card into the reader and proceed to step 2 below. If you do not and if the sd memory card is for a phone, camera or similar device start from step 1 1. connect the included u ( Full Answer )

How do you download pictures from your SD memory to your computer?

Sometimes there is a little slot in your desktop, usually not a laptop, that you can stick your SD card into, it takes a few minutes to get all of the pics onto your computer and usually you pick the ones you want and they are on your computer. that's how i did it.

How do you put pictures on a computer from my sd card?

You will need a sd card adaptor if your computer has a sd card slot just insert it that's all i know. Most cameras have a camera to computer connection and allow you to download direct. Some printers have multiple card readers and allow you to download from there. You can purchase a multi connecti ( Full Answer )

How do you transfer pictures from samsung phone to mini sd card that fits into an sd adapter to view on computer?

That's Easy! All you have to do is get the memory card out of the phone, put it into the adapter and put it in your comouter, if you do not have a computer with a memory card slot, then simply go out to your nearest computer shop and buy a "Dongle" you put this into the computer and it lets you se ( Full Answer )

Can you transfer pictures from your DSi to your computer without an SD card?

No you cannot. You will need an SD card for it. The only way to get the pictures you want from your DSI to your computer is to upload the picture to FaceBook and download the picture from your computer and there you will have it. But besides that there is no possible way.

How do you get pictures off an SD card?

Well first you will need an SD card reader which can be bought from a variety of stores around the world. The SD card reader has a indent where the SD card is inserted and on the end a USB extension. Then you will see your photos on your PC or Laptop.

How do you transfer pictures from computer to sd memory card in the mobile phone?

Every phone is a bit different but mostly they follow the same rules , depending on your phone it can be as easy as to connect it to your computer as a mass storage device and use windows explorer to copy and paste to the SD card. First you will have to find the Drivers for your specific phone ie HT ( Full Answer )

Why did the pictures you loaded from SD card to computer have different language set up and now can't get pictures now from SD card or computer?

It is possible the settings for recording the images have been set wrong in camera. Most cameras save images as JPEG. (Stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group). Some cameras allow you to save as RAW files. Check your camera settings are set to JPEG. It is also possible your computer needs a pro ( Full Answer )

How do you download games from Google Play on computer to an SD card?

After downloading the games to your computer from Google Play, youcan use the SD Card as an external drive in your computer. Plug theSD Card in and then you can drag and drop the programs you wantfrom your hard drive to the SD card, that will copy the programs tothe SD card and then they are at your ( Full Answer )

How to export pictures to sd card?

You can export pictures to SD card on your Android phone using thefile manager which will allow you to copy and paste your files.