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Okay, first you need to have iTunes downloaded onto your computer. Then you need to create a new file, right click, then select new file, and give it a name.

Once you have created a new file its pretty easy. Simply put the photos you want to put onto your iPod in the folder.

Next, open itunes and plug your Ipod in. It should shoe a picture of your Ipod on the left side bar under device. Click it.

Then, it should bring up a menu about your Ipod, click photos. It will then ask what folder you want to sync your photos from. Select the new one you made. After that hit sync.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-22 19:39:57
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Q: How do you download pictures to an iPod Nano?
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Can you take pictures on the iPod nano fifth generation?

you can not take pictures it can only take videos but you can still download pictures to your ipod nano 5th generation.

How do you download pictures onto an iPod Nano?

click on "my computer" and open the ipod drive from there. Then drag and drop the pictures into it.

How can you download picture into iPod nano?

how you can you download picture in your ipod nano

How do you take a picture with a nano?

You cannot take pictures with an iPod Nano. The iPod Nano 5th generation only supports video, not pictures.

Can you download apps onto a ipod nano?

The iPod Nano does not use apps.

Can you take still pictures on ipod nano?

No, you can only take video on the latest generation of iPod Nano, not still pictures.

How can you download videos on the ipod nano?

videos on nano

How do you put pictures on an iPod nano? try that site out, it has a program that you download and will help you putting songs and pictures on it.

Can the 5th generation ipod nano take pictures?

No, it can only take videos. But you can download something so it cazn take pictures.

Where can i download iPod nano 5d games?

in ipod where you download game

Can you download music videos on the iPod Nano 5G?

no you can not on the ipod nano 5G but if you get a classic or an ipod touch you can

Do you have to download songs on an ipod nano or they have songs on there?

You have to download them.

Can you put pictures in your iPod nano?


Can iPod Nano 6th genaration download apps from app world?

The iPod Nano will not run apps.

Can you take pictures with the iPod video?

There is no such thing as the iPod Video. However, the iPod Nano with the video camera is available. Though, no iPod Nano with the video camera (or any other iPod) will allow you to take still pictures.

Can you download games to an iPod Nano and if so how?

yes, via itunesyes, you can download it from via iTunes**You can not download iPod Nano games via iTunes anymore because the iPod Click Wheel Games no longer exist :/if you have pictures in your computer just plug in your ipod and right click on any pic and click on send to... ipod and then check to see if you have that pic on your ipodhope it works for ya

Can you download games to an iPod Nano?


Download More Memory For Ipod Nano 3rd Generation?

You can not download more memory to an ipod.

How do you download WWE music on ipod nano?

you first download it off the computer then add it to you ipod

Can the new ipod nano take pictures?

Yes! It can!!!

How do you put youtube videos on you're ipod nano?

Download and install Rockbox on your Ipod nano. Then you can convert your videos with winff to the Rockbox ipod nano 4:3 format

How do you put pictures on the new ipod nano?

Use the Pictures tab in iTunes.

Can an ipod nano 5g take photos?

No, it cannot take photos. There is no iPod that allows you to take still pictures. Even though the latest iPod Nano has video, it cannot take still pictures.

How does music download on my iPod nano?

you have to go to i tunes and download it, but it is not free.:)

Does the new ipod video take pictures?

No, the 5th generation iPod Nano with a video camera does not take pictures.