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you need to have iTunes, with itunes you can download all the music to your iPod!

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โˆ™ 2007-03-21 15:54:27
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Q: How do you download songs from your desktop or laptop computer to your iPod?
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How can you save songs from your iPhone to your computer?

you need to download a program such as jukebox to transfer songs from mp3/ipods to your laptop/desktop.

Where could you download songs besides LimeWire?

frostwire, itunes onto your desktop, into a file in your pc, laptop, computer, etc

Can you download songs from a desktop computer to your iPod?

Yes, you can download songs from a desktop computer to an iPod. All you would need to do is connect the iPod to your computer with the chord that came with it, and transfer the songs from iTunes.

How do you download music on your iPod touch?

you download itunes and buy songs . then connect your ipod to your computer/laptop and open itunes then it will download the songs automatically.

How do you download songs and movies?

You neEd to download a programme like iTunes and from there you can download games songs and videos to watch on an apple device or on the computer or laptop

How do you add songs to iPod shuffle?

You have to plug it into your computer or laptop, and download them from your comp/laptop to the iPod. First you have to make sure you have the right plug. :)

How can you download Punjabi songs?

You can go to Limewire and then download it and then it will appear on your desktop and then you can type Punjabi.

How can you download songs on to a laptop?

iTunes. It's a free download from the Apple website.

How do you get songs onto the laptop?

You download music onto your laptop. Example-iTunes or limewire.

How do you download songs to a mp3 player?

You can put a CD into the computer and it will download the songs from there.

Can you put songs on your computer?

Yes, you can download songs to your computer using iTunes.

How do you put music on your lg 500g?

download songs on your computer and hook your usb sync cable in your phone as well as the computer itself .then put the music from your laptop into your phone

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