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Q: How do you download world explorer for minecraft for android?
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How do you download a world on minecraft?


What is the dropper seed in Minecraft?

It is not a seed, it is a world download. Look up dropper world download on google or minecraft forums

Do you need to have minecraft to play world explorer?

yes you need a minecraft map to explore.

Where can a person download Scottland for Minecraft?

One can download Scottland for Minecraft at the Minecraft World Map site. There are numerous Scottland maps and other maps one can download and use on their Minecraft account.

How do you download The Dropper on minecraft?

Place the world in your minecraft bin's saves folder.

Is there a minecraft crazy craft world I could download?


How do you download world explorer for minecraft free?

I highly recommend Eden World Builder if you are not going to transfer the worlds to your computer. It is illegal to get the app for free, but if you jailbreak and use Installous there is a way.

How do you download skyblock for Minecraft?

Find it on the minecraft forums Download the data import all of the things in to a new world SKYBLOCK TIME

How do you download a castle in minecraft?

THREE SIMPLE STEPS: 1.) Find a website that has a world with a castle available for download 2.) Download it. 3.) Move the file to C:\Users\<yourName>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves

Is there a minecraft mod that creates a world for you?

If you are on about world generators, go to and you can download world generators like plantoids etc.

How do you use mineedit to get bones into Minecraft?

if you want items in minecraft the best edit i know is INVedit. download it, open world iventory and edit it. save it to your world next

What app do you have to download to change from creative to survival mode on minecraft PE?

There is no app you download to change your current gamemode in a world in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Once you select a gamemode for a world, that is your permanent mode, you can't change it around.

How do you get to the world editor in Minecraft.?

There isn't one natively included in Minecraft other than your hands. There are some available for download, such as VoxelSniper or Mcedit.

How do you download good games minecraft world?

Go to there website and on the side of the page it will show a picture of minecraft,click on it and it will show you a complete guide.

Can you Download Stampys Minecraft World?

Not at this point in time, it is his own private file that he has not yet released.

What are some monsters you can make in Minecraft?

You spawn monsters in Minecraft. It just has to be in the creative world, unless you download a mod.The monsters you can spawn:EndermenCreeperBlazeMagma cubeSlimeSkeletonSpiderCave spiderZombieZombie PigmenGhast

How do you play a minecraft world you downloaded?

I guess I should start from the beginning. When you first download minecraft it downloads these files. Where do these files go? If you are on windows then I can help you. Open Windows Explorer. At the top type %appdata% . Then look for a folder called .minecraft. open that. then double click saves. If you downloaded a zip in the zip their will probably be a folder. Drag that folder into the saves folder and run minecraft. Play the world and you're done! Also go on my server Thanks!

What are some cool Minecraft world downloads?

Take a look at the website called "Planet Minecraft", there are thousands of Minecraft resources you can browse and download If you have ever heard of the syndicate project, he has a pretty good world. Just search the Minecraft project and go to one of the episodes that is a multiple of ten.

Is there cheats for world war on android?

cheats for android world war?

What are some of the multiplayer building games you don't have to download?

Minecraft Classic and Survival mode (singleplayer and multiplayer can be played on the browser but it may be faster if you download it. [You have to pay for Minecraft survival but you don't have to for classic]) I'll post more games when I find them, but Minecraft is the best game in the world in my opinion.

How do you get hunger games on minecraft for playstation three?

You have to either build it yourself, play on a friend's world, or download a map.

How do you download apps to a blackberry?

You need to go on the website and either download Blackberry App World onto your desktop or straight onto your blackberry if you do no have internet explorer.

How you get Minecraft worlds on to Minecraft explorer?

1. click your windows start button 2. type in "%appdata%" without the qoutes 3. find ''.minecraft'' (usually the first one on top) 4. open ''Bin'' 5. open ''saves'' 6. drop the world file into that folder 7. close all the folders 8. open minecraft explorer Hey, I've just received a free Minecraft Giftcode! You can get one too! >> <<

How do you download a map on Minecraft?

Download the ZIP file of the map you want. If it is a .rar, then use WinRAR to open it and extract the files. You want to get the folder that has the files world, region, etc. in it. Launch Minecraft and go to Mods and Texture Packs. Open the folder and go back one tab. Enter the saves folder and drag your world folder into the saves folder. Go back to Minecraft and the world should be playable.

How do you download maps in Minecraft?

find one for example on planetminecraft then download it and navigate to your .minecraft folder found by typing %appdata% in the search bar in your folder window. there will be a folder called saves take the the world out of the zipped/rared folder and put it in the saves folder.