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1. Turn off the electricity or gas to your water heater. 2. Turn off the cold water supply to the tank. 3. Attach a water hose the valve on the bottom of the tank. 4. Open the hot water valve on any faucet. 5. Open the valve on the water heater. 6. When the tank empties close the valve on the water heater, turn on the cold water supply, and let the tank fill about 1/4 of the way full to loosen any sediments on the bottom of the tank. 7. Turn the cold water supply off and open up the valve on the water heater to drain the rest of the water. If you have large amounts of sediment in your tank you may need to repent steps 6-7. If at any point sediment clogs the valve or the hose turn on the cold water supply to "blow' the clog out. Also remember when the tank is draining there is no water pressure so the tank will drain slowly.

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Q: How do you drain a hot water tank?
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Can you drain a leaking hot water heater by running hot water in home?

No, you have to attach a garden hose to the fitting at the bottom of the tank. Often the tank will have sediment built up in it and the water will drain very slowly from this.

Why brown water drains from hot water heater?

Brown-tinted water appearing when the drain faucet on a water tank is opened is normal. The brownish water is created by dissolved mineral and metal sediment collecting at the bottom of the hot water tank. This sediment creation is a normal function of the hot water heater heating the water and is released when you open up (or drain) the tank. Draining the tank should be done on a periodic basis - I drain my hot water tank every 6 months. Draining lessens the mineral/sediment buildup and helps extend the life of your hot-water heater.

When you drain a hot water tank do you have to turn off the pilot light?


Why is hot water sometimes rusty and brown?

It means the inside of your Hot Water Tank is starting to rust. If it is an electric tank, shut the power off and the water feed and open the drain at the bottom to drain the tank. Open the hot side of faucets in the house to drain all the hot water. When all the water is drained, close the faucets opened, close the drain, fill up the hot water tank. Go upstairs, unscrew the aerators and slowly open the hot side of faucets to drain the air until you have full flow of water. When all air is purged from the system it is ONLY then that you should turn the breaker for the HWT back on. If the air is not purged and the tank is not completely filled with water, you risk burning out the elements. For a gas tank, shut the gas off and do the same as above except for the electrical. Then fire up the gas after.

Should a potable water line be tapped off the drain valve on a hot water tank?


Even when house water turned off why will water still drain from the hot water tank?

Reason for question: Plumber left valve open and flooded house The hot water (heater) tank is fed from a 'header tank'; normally in the loft space but can be combined with the main heater tank (fortic). The header is filled from the water main. Unless the header is drained or its outlet is closed off, it will drain down through the open valve of the hot water (heater) tank.

What plumbing is required to install a hot water tank on second floor?

There has to be a tank pan under the hot water tank with a drain hooked up to the pan. If the tank leaks, it will go into the pan which will flow into the pipe that you have to have hooked up to the sewage system.

how can I fix the hot water problem without an plumber?

According to DIY on Hot Water Promblems if theres not enough water then you hit the reset button. If the water is too hot then change the temperature and reset. If you have a leaky heater then you need to replace the valve. If you have a rusty tank then you need to replace the water heater. If you have a noisy heater then you need to drain and flush the tank. If you have dirty water then drain and flush the tank and do it on a regular basis.

How do you drain water from the hot water tank faucet?

If electric shut off the current to the elements, if gas shut off the gas valve. Open a hot water faucet to give it air, open the drain valve on the bottom of the heater.

Why did your water heater make a knocking sound even when the hot water not on?

It is time to replace hot water tank before it starts leaking. Try and drain tank and see if that helps. It is rust that is poping inside tank. If your tank is over 8 years old i would just replace it

How do you set temperature of hot water tank?

mine has a "dial" style thermostat looking thing by the drain valve

What happens if you get water in your gas tank?

remove the fuel tank and drain the water

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