How do you drain an above-ground pool?

You can quickly drain down to the return jet by unhooking the hose from the filter. After that I just throw one end of a hose in the pool and suck on the other end out of the pool to start the flow. No, you don't want to suck on the end of a hose that you've put into the pool, it's near impossible, unless you could suck a golfball through it! Anyways, easiest way is to open the plug that most Intex above ground pools come with, it's near the bottom and attach your little drain connector to a garden hose, it will drain. Also, hook another garden hose up to your outdoor faucet, turn water on for about a minute to fill hose up, kink the hose about 2 feet away from faucet, turn off faucet, unhook hose (doing all this while it's still kinked), now put the hose somewhere that you want water to drain and let the kink go. Or let your pool pump do the work, attach a hose to your pool outlet/drain and make sure the other end of hose is weighed so it stays at the bottom of the pool and turn on the pump. Be sure to take out the filter first, no need for all that stuff to gunk up your filter. And be sure to not turn off your pump until it's all drained.

On my pool they ran a grounding strap from the filter motor to a grounding screw on the electrical outlet.