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How do you drain and flush a transmission in a 96 Jimmy?


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2015-07-15 21:36:35
2015-07-15 21:36:35

The trans is a 4L60E. I build these all the time. Remove the pan bolts around the pan and lower. Hopefully you won't have to remove the crossmember, although sometimes they are in the way. Once the pan is down, wiggle the filter back and forth while pulling down - the filter will slip out. Be sure there is either a seal on the filter or one still in the trans before pushing filter into place. Clean pan and magnet, and remove all gasket material. Put pan back in with new gasket. Be sure that the gasket fits correctly. If it doesn't, the filter is slightly out of position. They fit just so around the wires and general shape of things. Don't overtighten bolts as it will squish the gasket. I go by feel or 10FT lbs of torque. Once assembled, add 4 qts of ATF and start.While idling add more as necessary. Usually around 4 - 5 qts do it. Dan the tranny man


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