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How do you drain brake fluid from the master cylinder of 1991 suzuki sidekick?


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November 01, 2009 4:56PM

Not sure why you would want to empty your master cylinder...but if you are going to be bleeding your brakes and don't want to force old brake fluid through the lines before new fluid reaches them, you can start by sucking out the old brake fluid from your master cylinder by using a turkey baster (just don't let your wife know...or better yet, buy one at the dollar store just for this purpose.)

OR, if you have a mity-mite hand vacuum pump to help bleed your brakes, use THAT to suck out the old fluid from the master cylinder.

Just be careful once you've sucked out what you can (if flushing system w/new fluid) to immediately put fresh fluid in before the brake pedal is touched...otherwise you risk getting air bubbles in your brake lines, that will mean a lot more pumping and bleeding until all the air is forced all the way through the brake lines and out past your wheel cylinders.

If you want to drain it because you have to replace it, just suck out all you can, put an old towel under it before loosening the brake lines that lead from it, and any residual fluid will leak onto the towel as you disconnect the lines and master cylinder itself.

BEWARE: Brake fluid is death to car paint! Drape accordingly, and if any fluid DOES leak onto a painted surface do not pass go, go directly to clean-up mode.