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make sure its completely cold 1 remove the expansion tank release the presure by taking the expansion cap off then put it back on after it equilized disconect the hoses upper first let them leak into a pan un screw the tanks 2 mounting bolts and unplug the coolant level sensor if you have one. make sure u rinse it out good then replace it

2 take the radiator lower shield then put ur drain pan under it and unscrew the radiator drain plug it should be on the passenger rear if i can rember correctly

3 flush the radiator out with water till its just clean water coming out of it then put the plug back in and button it up, i just flushed it threw the expansion tank since that's where u have to add the radiator fluid 50/50 mix

ok for ur car if its an auto I 4 its 7 quarts and the v6 is about 9-10 quarts the manual 2.0 is 7 quarts and the 2.5 is 8-9 quarts

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 01:19:04
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Q: How do you drain the antifreeze from a 1998 Ford Contour?
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