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The drain plug is under the bottom left of the radiator. I find it much easier to just losen the lower radiator hose on the right side of the radiator. The drain plug tends to be hard to get open... KSH

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โˆ™ 2005-08-14 21:47:33
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Q: How do you drain the coolant on a 91 Chevrolet van Where is the drain?
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Where is the valve to drain the coolant on a 91 Cavalier?

there is a petcock on the bottom of the radiator, passenger side. it is tricky to get to, but it can be done.

Where is engine coolant drain plug for a '91 ford escort with a manual transmission?

Bottom or rear of radiator

Where is the coolant drain plug for a 91 cavalier located?

Not entirely sure, but if it is at all like a 95 then its a little white nob on the lower outer driver side of the radiator.

What is a code number 15 on a 91 Chevy van mean?

Engine coolant temp sensor error (low temp indicated). I would suggest replacing the thermostat.

Does your 91 thunderbird have two oil drain plugs?

No, it has one oil drain plug.

Which players wore number 91 for the Oakland Raiders?

Brad Van Pelt #91

What is the fuel capacity for a 1991 Chevrolet cheyenne?

in my 91 is 30 gal

Where is the computer in a 91 Chevrolet Caprice?

Passenger side kick panel

Will a 2000 Chevrolet half ton Bed fit on a 91 S10?


What causes massive external coolant leakage in a 91 dodge ram van?

Corroded freeze plugs, blown radiator hose, corroded radiator (My 96's turned green and crumbled away)

In what order do wires go on the distributor cap of a 1991 Chevrolet Lumina APV?

It would be really helpful to know which of the 3 engines installed in this van, you have. So go here: and pick the correct engine.

Why is 91 Honda accord ex coolant radiator is cracked?

If the radiator is cracked then the vehicle has ran dry on coolant. This would cause the radiator to crack if there wasn't any coolant.

Where is the coolant temp sensor located on a 91 park avenue?

On the intake manifold.

What is the coolant capacity for 91 Jeep 2.5L?

10 us qts dry

Where can you find the coolant sensor on a 91 Mazda protege?

no sensor only a thermostat

91 Chevy beretta temp gauge won't move and you already replaced the coolant sensor by the thermostat housing?

Make sure your coolant is FULL, it will stop reading if your coolant is low and the low coolant light doesn't always work. My radiator was full and i took the thermoustat off to find the block hlaf empty on my 91. Paco

Does the astro van have a fused speedometer?

speedometer is not working 91 astro van other instruments are

How do you change a thermostat on a 91 Saturn?

Drain about 1 gallon of coolant from radiator Follow upper radiator hose to engine housing Remove housing Note how thermostat is instaled in housing Clean both ssurfaces Replace thermostat and gasket Re-fill coolant slowly to prevent an "airlock" Start engine and check for leaks Run engine to normal operating temperature with heater on Check coolant level

How do you unplug radiator drain cock in jeep Cherokee?

Questioner doesn't give the year of their Jeep - but - the draincock on my 91 Cherokee Laredo is near the right headlight. I had to remove the grill, and it's just a few inches back, nestled between the headlight housing and the edge of the radiator. Mine is tough to get to and when I drain it, coolant gets EVERYWHERE.

Does a 91 Chevrolet s-10 pick up have a timing chain?


91 astro van white smoke?

get an oil change

Does my 91 Dodge Ram 350 Van have a Passenger Airbag?


91 Acura leaking water onto floorboards?

If it's leaking clear water, probably a bad door seal or a plugged cowl drain or a plugged AC evaporator condensation drain. orIf it's leaking engine coolant, probably a bad heater core.

Egr location on 1998 Chevrolet silverado?

And where is it on '91 Chev. sil. 3/4 2500?

What was the engine capacity of the 1968 Chevrolet nova that developed 91 hp?

153 cubic inches