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Honda Man'sThe radiator has a pitcock drain on the bottom of the radiator, the transmission pan has no drain, just remove the pan to drain the fluid. Since the pitcock valves sometimes break, I prefer to remove one end of a heater hose and attach a vacuum operated fluid evacuator/extractor (denlors mit7201) to remove the coolant by suction. The same evacuator can be used to remove Transmission Fluid without dropping the pan.

The radiator has a drain on the lower right. Sometimes it isn;t easy to get to so I take the lower rad hose off. The trans pan has to be removed to drain the trans.

On the driver's side lower rear of the radiator is a PLASTIC 'drain plug about 1 1/2 inch in diameter. After the car is cool, first open the radiator cap ( you need to twist CCW and push down hard at the same time), Then CAREFULLY with a pair of duck bill pliers or the like, unscrew the drain plug..BE CAREFUL!!!! if you break this plug it is a major pain in the a.. to replace it. Drain the coolant into a proper container and don't spill it as animals and kids love the sweet taste of antifreeze right up till it kills them. When the system is completely drained ( including coolant used to cool the trans),replace the plastic drain plug CAREFULLY

Near the waterpunp (passenger side of engine you will see a "fitting " with a nut and another bolt in the nut.... this is a vent device ...lossen the bolt to let air escape when you add the new coolant. There is also another "vent" on the driver side hose from the radiator.. do the same thing here. The object of the procedure is to refill the system WITHOUT any air pockets. Once this is achieved , make sure the two "vents" are closed. Run the engine with the radiator cap off long enough to insure the coolant level stays right to the top of the radiator fill pipe.replace the cap and insure that the reservoir tank is filled to the proper level. Take a ride then let the car cool down again then remove the cap again to make sure the coolant is still up in the fill neck. Please dispose of the anti freeze properly...nasty stuff!!! Most AutoZones will recycle it for free for you...good luck RONCO

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Q: How do you drain the radiator and transmission on a 1995 Buick Century with a 3100 V6 engine?
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