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punto sx radiator drainingRadiator has two hoses. One at the top of the radiator,(The top hose) and a hose at the bottom of the radiator (The bottom hose). Wait until the engine is cool. You need to undo the expansion tank screw top (where you top up the radiator)then release the bottom hose clip (use a screw driver)which allows you to pull off the hose from the radiator expansion tank adjoining the radiator. Make sure you have a bowl underneath to catch the water.
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Q: How do you drain the radiator on a Fiat Punto SX R reg?
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Fiat are against smoking and so new fiats are not supplied with cigarette lighters.

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On the 2000 Fiat Punto, the color code for Metallic Orange is 529. This color code can also be found on the boot of the car.

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The speedometer on the Fiat punto Mk1 was made with a speedo that reads 5 mph min. There is a needle stopping the speedo from going below this, so you dont need to "fix" anything as this is standard.

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phone halfords give them ur car reg and they will be able to tell u on there system other than tht ring fiat dealer (stoneacre)

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put key in ignition and press accerater for 10 mins . get a user manual for your car and it has it in there

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Well as with all cars that has radiator's there is a bottom hose and a top hose. So to simply drain a radiator which hasn't a drain bung at the bottom of the radiator, then unscrew the clip that holds on the bottom radiator hose and bob's your uncle...

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I think if anything it should probably done at 60K miles, which was the case of my Punto and also my current car (although not a Fiat). I would suggest getting it done as soon as you can, if it snaps you can wave bye bye to your engine!

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...everyone should have a manual for their vehicle(parts store or dealer), and a local library should have professional shop manuals available in the REFERENCE section for free...make copies of the appropriate up and good luck :)

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head off shims out buckets out and valve spring compressor remove collets and remove valves.

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The power steering pump is driven electrically so you could check that the fuse hasn't blown.

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the thermostat is on the radiator and conectet to overheet plug, you can see the wiring that conectet to the fan to, is the same, and you can change it with no proplem, remove the air filter, open the fan panel and you can see the termostat, before you change chake the wiring and fuses, i hope is help you, goodluck.

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The best place to find this sort of picture is usually in the Haynes Manuals (other manuals are available). They usually have labels pointing to the components.

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i put fiat brave i actually meant Fiat Brava

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jack ther engine up, using a trolley jack, then take the engine mounting of, then you'l be able to get to the 3 bolts that holds your old alternator on, hope this helps

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In a nut shell you cant adjust pedal height of any car. Unless you spend serious money on an exotic sports car.

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Could be several things trow out bearing transmission input shaft clutch cable Best to let a mechanic check it out if you are not mechanicaly inclined

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Fiat Bravo 1.6 S Reg uses a 12mm Allen Key. Should be similar

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On Fiats, the fuel cut off switch is normally under the passenger seat on behind the cover by the passenger (left hand side) kick panel by your feet.