How do you drain the transmission oil on a 1992 Honda Accord EX?

you have to get it off the ground, then look for the pan and take the bolt out, make sure there's a pan under it
To drain the transmission fluid from a 1992 Honda Accord and many other models in that decade, you'll need to go to the passenger side wheel well. Remove the wheel, and you will find the transmission drain plug. It should fit a 3/8-inch socket perfectly. The drain plug will likely be very tightly screwed on, so you might need to hammer at the lever of your socket wrench to loosen the bolt. Before removing the plug, be sure you have a pan placed underneath to catch the fluid as it pours out of your transmission. If you pull out the dipstick, it will drain a lot faster.

Now, Honda does not recommend a complete flush, so only drain 3 or 4 quarts. Also, before you put the plug back, make sure to wipe any metal shavings and other gunk off, and replace the washer seal. Once the plug is back in place and snug (do not over-tighten), replace the fluid you eliminated and run the engine for a while. You should be good to go.