How do you draw the states around Maryland?

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Look at a picture of the US and you will see how to draw them.
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Is Maryland a community property state?

No, Maryland is not a community property state. Maryland is an Equitable Property state. This means that property will be determined to be marital (acquired during the marriage) or separate/individual (acquired outside the marriage, or inherited, or purchased with separate funds and not marital fund ( Full Answer )

What is the state fish of Maryland?

Striped Bass or Rockfish. . The first state to adopt the striped bass ( Morone saxatilis) or rockfish, was Maryland, on April 8, 1965.

What is the state motto for Maryland?

The Maryland state motto is 'Manly deeds, womanly words', which is the Italian motto of the Calvert family (Fatti maschill, parole femine.)

Is Maryland a probate procedure state?

All states require probate. Probate is necessary to insure that debts are settled, taxes paid and that the property is distributed according to the law. Without it things start getting confused and hard to find. A good will will save a lot of trouble!

What states surround Maryland?

The states that surround Maryland are Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. New Jersey is nearby, but it doesn't touch Maryland's border.

Marylands state recipes?

Crabs are a common ingredient in Maryland state recipes. Marylandis well known for crab cakes, and blue crab. For dessert, blackwalnut cake is popular in Maryland.

What is the state song for Maryland?

Maryland, My Maryland- I The despot's heel is on thy shore, Maryland! His torch is at thy temple door, Maryland! Avenge the patriotic gore That flecked the streets of Baltimore, And be the battle queen of yore, Maryland! My Maryland! II Hark to an exiled son's appeal, Maryland! My mother State ( Full Answer )

Does Maryland have an official state animal?

Yes, Maryland does have an official state animal. Their officialstate animals is the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. The Chesapeake BayRetriever is named after the Chesapeake Bay in the state ofMaryland.

What is the Maryland State Pledge?

Maryland does not have a state flag pledge. As of 2014, only 17states had state flag pledges, including Alabama, Texas, Minnesota,and Ohio.

Does the state of Maryland extradite?

Yes , to other states depending upon the charge and the meeting of certain legal standards; no , to other countries. In theory, and generally in practice, Maryland and the other 49 states within the United States of America tend to respect, and cooperate with, each other's extradition requests. But ( Full Answer )

What is Maryland state seal?

The Maryland state seal has two mean standing next to a coat ofarms. It is surrounded by a yellow ring.

What is the maryland state flower?

The Black-Eyed Susan has been the official Maryland flower since1918. It was in that year that that the Maryland General Assemblydesignated it the "Floral Emblem" of Maryland.

Whats Marylands state bird?

Maryland was the 7th state in the USA; it became a state on April 28,1788. ... State Bird . Baltimore oriole

What states population is larger then Maryland?

States by Population: . California . Texas . New York . Florida . Illinois . Pennsylvania . Ohio . Michigan . Georgia . North Caroliina . New Jersey . Virginia . Washington . Arizona . Massachusetts . Indiana . Tennessee . Missouri and finally . Maryland. There are 6.52 Califor ( Full Answer )

What is the state rock of Maryland?

The closest thing to an Official rock would be the Official State Gem which is an agate called the Patuxent River stone.

Why did Maryland become a state?

Maryland became a state because of the Treaty of Paris which let the colonists break away from England.

How can you expunge your record in the state of Maryland?

File a petition/motion with the court requesting the offense be 'expunged' from your record, accompanied by your reason(s) why it should be granted. A judge will review and consider it, and issue a ruling either granting or denying your request. CAUTION: Even if an expungement is granted it is NOT t ( Full Answer )

Was Maryland a free state?

Maryland was a border state. It was a slave state that did not succeed from the union during the civil war mainly because Lincoln had the army take Annapolis before the state legislature could vote on succession. The famed Mason-Dixon line was known as the slave/free north/south border. This is t ( Full Answer )

Which state is Maryland located?

Maryland is a state. It shares borders with Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia. It provided a portion of the land that is now Washington, DC.. Maryland is in Washington DC you idiot. Everybody knows that.

What does the state name Maryland mean?

Maryland doesn't mean anything. (That I could find anyway.) But, the state of Maryland was named to honor Queen Henrietta Maria, the wife of King Charles I of England.

What are the border states of Maryland?

the states that border Maryland are Pennsylvania Delaware Virginia & west Virginia at least plus the united states of America if you consider it a state whether in the district of Columbia or the territorial seas

What state borders Maryland?

The states that border Maryland are in the north east Delaware in the north west Pennsylvania , and in the south: Virginia and west Virginia.

Is Maryland a northern or southern state?

Maryland is technically a border state, but if you use the Mason-Dixon line as a dividing line, then consider Maryland as a Southern state. During the civil war, Maryland was an occupied state. Although it did not secede from the Union, about half the citizens supported the south.

What five states surround Maryland?

Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia are the only states that have a common border with Maryland. The District of Columbia also has a common border and a population of about 592,000 which is about 60,000 more people than Wyoming has but it is not a US State.

In Maryland what is the state animal?

The state dog is the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, the state horse is the Thoroughbred Horse, the state cat is the Calico Cat, the state bird is the Baltimore Oriole, the state reptile is the Diamondback Terrapin, the state insect in the Baltimore Checkerspot, the state fish is the Striped Bass, and the ( Full Answer )

Why was the state of Maryland settled?

It was created to serve as a haven for the English Catholic minority but it has always had a Protestant majority. It had a secondary incentive for its creation which was to make money.

What is the state vegetable of Maryland?

Maryland does not have an Official State Vegetable. Only ten US States have named a State Vegetable and three of those states have not named it by law as the Official State Vegetable. Four have the onion, two the Sweet potato and New Mexico has both the Chile and Pinto Beans. Not to be outdone, Arka ( Full Answer )

What is the state south of Maryland?

The U.S. state that is located directly south of Central Maryland is Virginia. On the Western end of Maryland, the state south of that area is West Virginia. Hope I helped...

Why is Maryland called the presidential state?

Maryland is not called the presidential state, it IS called the old line state. Though, you may have gotten that from that part of Maryland was given up to make D.C.

Does marylands state bird have enemies?

Yes. The Baltimore Oriole has many predators. A list of these predators follows: . Common Grackle . American Crow . Eastern Screech-Owl . Blue Jay . Black-billed Magpie . Squirrel . Red Fox . Domesticated Cat . Cowbird

Why did the state of Maryland sue McCulloch?

The State of Maryland didn't sue James McCulloch, a private citizen named John James sued as an intervenor for himself and on behalf of the state of Maryland. James had learned McCulloch, Cashier of the Second Bank of the United States, refused to pay taxes levied against the bank as the result of a ( Full Answer )

Who makes the law for Maryland state?

The Maryland state legislature makes the laws for Maryland. The governor of Maryland has veto power. The Maryland state court system can interpret and strike down the laws.

Is Maryland a southern or northern state?

Maryland is a southern state. do your research-during the civil war Maryland was united with the south to abolish slavery. It had in-fact freed a vast majority of their slaves. This is significant since Maryland had one of the largest slave population. It is also the Birthplace and home of Harriet T ( Full Answer )

How do you apply for a pardon in the state of Maryland?

You call the Maryland Governors office and speak with an aide, they will send you a packet with the paperwork to file. Make sure you provide every detail requested so you can expedite the process.

Is Maryland the us capital state?

No, US has no capital state, but it has a capital city, Washington D.C. and Washington D.C. in not located in a state, it is in the border between Maryland and Virginia

What are the two regions around Maryland?

Maryland covers 12,407 square miles and has a population of 5,884,563 as of 2012. There are actually three regions, versus two, around Maryland. They include the Atlantic Coastal Plain, the Piedmont Plateau, and the Appalachian Mountains.