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How do you dress like Lucille ball?

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2010-06-24 12:47:07

One way is to purchase an "I Love Lucy" dress and wig. They sell

them at online party stores, as well as at the Desilu Playhouse

Museum in Jamestown, NY.

If you don't want to do that, you can make one at home. For the

outfit, either take any polkadot dress, or dress slacks and a

collared blouse. For the hair, if you're not willing to go to

extremes and dye your hair red and get a perm, I'd recommend tying

it in a bun, and fluffing the front with a volumnizer. Lucy had

very long eyelashes, and if yours are not that long, wear fake

ones. She had beautiful, plae skin, so put on foundation, or cream,

or something if your skin is olive.

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