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Pauls boutique








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Q: How do you dress like a chav Where do you get the clothes from?
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How do you dress like a bully?

Black Trackies black hoodie maybe some trainers like a chav or a gangster

What did poor greek people wear?

Chav clothes

How can you dress up like the bratz in the movie and where do you get their clothes?

you just get cool clothes like them but only if your mums and dads like the way you dress and you can really get clothes exactly like them because those were made. Hope i helped

How do you dress like a band manager or agent?

With clothes

Why do Africans dress like they do?

our shcool gave them clothes

How do you dress better?

You can dress better by getting in the style of fashion....Like dress at the designer places they have alot of trendy clothes go to Areopostal they have some of the cutest clothes!

What is a spide in belfast?

Like a Chav

Where can one find princess dress up clothes for children?

Princess dress up clothes for children can be found at many different retailers. Toy stores like Toys R Us carry dress up clothes as well as stores like Walmart and Target. You can also purchase princess dress up clothes online through sites like Amazon and Ebay.

What do the people of Spain dress like?

they dress really nice in pretty dresses and in guy clothes.

What did Henry the VIII dress like?

He had silk clothes, and jewellry

What type of clothes do Persians wear?

if a chav baggy 1s but normily they wear neardy cloths

How do people in Norway dress?

In clothes! People in Norway dress like everyone else. As long as the clothes match and are nice looking people weare them.

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