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How do you drill a well for water?

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There are generally two types of water wells. The first is the shallow dug well, usually completed by hand, or with the use of non-specialized machinery - the well is completed by installing a large casing to hold the hole open, and backfilling around that casing. Then the water can be accessed from above.

The second type of well, a drilled well, involves the use of a water well drilling rig, which is generally a very expensive & complex machine. Typically, most well drillers use rotary drills - these systems use segmented steel drill pipe with a drill bit at the bottom, they then circulate a drilling fluid through the drill pipe, out of the bit, and back up to the surface (coming up between the drill pipe & the outside of the bore hole). The fluid helps to displace the drilled cuttings & cool the bit. Typically, drilling fluids are a mix of water & bentonite clay with other chemical additives, or the machines use compressed air.

When water is discovered, the driller will clean the formation out, install a casing (if one isn't installed while drilling), and screen the formation off. Then water samples can be analyzed for potability, and a pump can be installed to get the water out.

Generally, drilling a well is a complex & tricky business best left to professionals. However, some areas are easier than others.

2007-12-07 06:38:56
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What is the cost to drill a well in Winchester Virginia?

How much does it cost to drill a water well in Winchester VA

How long does it talke to drill a water well?

78.5 hours

Can i drill a well in New Mexico to reach water?


How far must you drill to create a well?

For a water well, until you reach the water table. The depth will vary.

How do people obtain water from an aquifer?

they drill a well. Or collect water from naturally occurring springs

Do they drill water?

They drill water wells, usually with a truck mounted 6 inch drill.

Why can not people drill sea water?

Drill sea water?

How much does it cost to drill a well in Alberta?

Not enough information. - -To drill a domestic water well should be around $45 per foot.- If that is not what you want -explain more clearly.

Does it cost the same to drill a water well deeper or drill a new one?

Its usually about 100 dollars a foot to drill a well deeper. Drilling a new well usually wont solve your problem unless you have alot of acreage, because your giong to be drilling into the save aquifer and the water will be at the same depth. Plus you will have to run lines from the new well, pressure tank, casing, etc...

How long does it take to drill a water well?

It depends on the drill you use. With diamond drills it can be done in less than two days, but with a cheap, blunt drill, it could take over three weeks.

How much does it cost to drill a water well in Northern New Hampshire?

Normally no less then $16,670

How many people work on a deep water oil well drill rig?

over 150

What could be wrong if you have well water to a house but the pump is not holding a prime and is spitting out dirt?

You have a well going dry. Time to drill for another well!.

Which material would be the poorest choice to drill a well into?

The poorest choice of material to drill a well into would be quicksand.

Can you drill a water well on your own property?

Depends where you are. In Canada you can not legally do this anymore. I don't know about US or Australia.

Why do people drill wells?

People drill wells to reach fresh water.

How long does it take to drill a gas well?

How much does it cost to drill a water well in East Texas?

A lot... Actually about 12-15$ per ft for the hole.

How do you drill a hole through a small rock?

In a bowl of water use a diamond tip drill and cover the stone with water. you need to use the drill with very little pressure and drill half way then drill from other side to keep from breaking out the sufface of the hole. The drill RPM needs to be at least 10,000 - 15,000 RPM.

How do you get well water?

If you have to ask then you will more than likely need to hire a water well driller. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where the water table is only 20-30 feet below the ground you could actually dig/drill it yourself. Search "DIY water well drilling" in google.

What is vacant-conservation land in California Can you build a home Drill a well Live on land?

they live in most water areas

Are aqueducts an inclined plane?

no they are not, they are water sources from under the earth's crust, or you could say that an aquaduct is what you are trying to drill into if you are drilling a well.

What does pillar drill mean in woodwork?

It is a type of drill you use in wood work well to mainly drill holes but then again it doesn't drill all the way through the piece of wood you are using.

Why would you want to do a drill down?

Well if something is facing down you would need to drill down.

How do you build a small water well drilling machine for home use to drill a 100 foot deep water well?

just pay some one to do it youhit something your not suppose to will cost alot of money to fix.