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On Pokemon Pearl's title screen, if the Pokemon LeafGreen game is in the GBA slot, click on "Transfer From LeafGreen" and you can choose six Pokemon from LeafGreen to transfer to Pearl, but be careful-you can't trade them back.

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Q: How do you dual slot Pokemon from Pokemon LeafGreen to Pokemon Pearl?
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Where do you get mew2 in Pokemon pearl?

Cheats or trading or dual slot baby. Cheats or trading or dual slot baby. Cheats or trading or dual slot baby.

How do you migrate from Pokemon LeafGreen to Pokemon Pearl?

you put your leafgreen in the bottom slot of the DS and your pearl in the top slot and go to the pearl starting screen amd it will say migrate from leafgreen choose the 6 Pokemon you want to migrate and then in your pearl go to pal park a catch them.(must have natinal dex)

How do you dual slot Pokemon from Pokemon leafgreen to Pokemon ruby?

you need a link cable EDIT:and two gameboys.

Can you catch legendary Pokemon Zapdos in Pokemon diamond?

you have to catch it in firered or leafgreen and transfer it to the pal park via the dual slot

How can you find vulpix easier in Pokemon pearl?

There is only one known way to find Vulpix in Pokemon Pearl. To make Vulpix appear you need a copy of Pokemon LeafGreen in the GBA slot of the DS. While Pokemon LeafGreen is in the GBA slot Vulpix should start to appear on Route 209.

How do you obtain Mew in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

After you get it in one of the GBA Pokemon series, transfer it to Pal Park by Dual Slot.

Where can you find vulpix in Pokemon pearl?

Insert leafgreen into GBA slot, then go to route 209 after you get the national pokedex.

Will Pokemon LeafGreen work on Game Boy Advance?

Pokemon LeafGreen was made for the Gameboy Advance, and so yes, it will work on that system. It will also work in a Nintendo DS that has the extra slot (3DS and later do not have the extra slot), where you can play from that slot or migrate past Pokemon to Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

Where can you find vulpix in pearl?

If you insert Pokemon LeafGreen into the GameBoy Advance Game Slot on your Nintendo DS before playing Pokemon Pearl, Vulpix will appear on Route 209 in Pokemon Pearl. Try google next time.

Where Pokemon Lugia?

trade it to leafgreen from XD(Or firered).Put it in the slot 2 slot to get it to diamond and pearl. in mystery dungeon, he's at the bottom of a 99 floor trench.

How do get Pokemon migrated to Pokemon pearl?

Pokemon Pearl goes in the DS Card Slot. A compatible migration game (Emerald, Firered, LeafGreen) must be in the GBA slot. Note, Ruby and Sapphire are NOT compatible with migration.then go to the main menu in Pearl and access the Migration option. From there it will give you the next steps.

How do you get Squirtle in pearl?

you put Pokemon Leafgreen in your Nintendo slot and when you are signing into the game it says migrate from leafgreen and in leafgreen one of the starter Pokemon is a squirtle then you go to pal park to catch it in the catching show. (it has to be in ur PC before you can transfer it)

Do you need Pokemon leafgreen in the GBA slot of your Nintendo DS to catch Magby in Pokemon pearl?

yes. and when you put fire red into the bottom of the ds you can get an Elekid.

Where is Gengar in pokemon platinum?

Using the dual-slot feature with firered or leafgreen will make it possible to find gengar in the second room from the right on 2F

How do you get Pokemon electracizer?

You can get the Electrizer in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl from wild Elekid close to the Valley Windworks. In order to find Elekid, you should have Pokemon LeafGreen in your GBA slot of your DS.

How do you get pineco on Pokemon Pearl?

Pineco can be caught in Routes 203, 204, 210 and 229, and Eterna Forest using Dual-Slot mode with Pokemon Emerald.

Where do you find arbok in Pokemon Diamond?

You can find it in the Great Marsh with dual slot Firered. Dual slot means you put diamond in slot 1 and Firered in slot 2.

All 493 Pokemon in pearl?

There is no way i will name them all but it is possible to get Pokemon from each region not all of them so you will need to trade or use the dual slot thing.

Where do you find the GBA slot on Pokemon pearl?

The GBA slot is on the bottom of your DS.

How do i get a Gengar from the dual slot?

Gengar is a ghost type of Pokemon. You can get it using the duel slot by putting FireRed into the Gameboy slot.

Where is vulpix on Pokemon Pearl?

Yay! one of my fave Pokemon :) 2 get vulpix on pearl/diamond either migrate from leafgreen or put leafgreen in the gameboy slot and go to a certain route. Run around and you'll be almost certain to get a vulpix! I think it's route 201 but that miht be growlithe from firered! :)

How do you get points in pal park in Pokemon pearl?

You have to catch Pokemon you migrated from FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby, or Sapphire. Have a GBA game in the Gameboy slot. On the Pearl title screen,select ''Migrate from (name of Gameboy game). then head for Pal Park.

How do you get magby in Pokemon Pearl?

If You want to catch magby in Pokemon pearl you have to: Insert a Pokemon leafgreen game in the GBA slot. Goto stark Mountain and search there eventualy you will find a magby if u don't start using pokeradar then u will find it Good Luck<(-_-)>

How do you migrate Pokรฉmon from leafgreen to pearl?

After you beat the elite four, you need to put leaf green into the bottom slot of your DS and Pearl in the top slot of your DS then, when you turn it on there will be an option under start game, asking you if you want to migrate pokemon from leaf green, you have to chose 6 pokemon from your pc in leaf green and then go to Pal Park in pearl.

Where to get a Vulpix in Pokemon platinum?

Vulpix can be found on Route 209 and 214 with Pokemon LeafGreen in the GBA slot.