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You have two options. #1 MAKE TIME! Sit down and communicate with him. Raising kids today is a hard task and I don't have to tell you that. The husband works hard and comes home and the wife has been looking after 3 active kids, possibly taking them to school, picking them up, dentist/doctor's appointments and that's just the start of her day so she's exhausted at the end of the day. Both partner are tired and the men, no matter how exhausted they may be often just "want it!" It's up to the woman to express her views as well and between the two of you there is a solution. Get a girlfriend to trade-off babysitting with you so at least once on a weekend you and your partner can go to a movie, a club, bar, or whatever you like to do and no money has to exchange hands for babysitting. What you have both done is let problems get so bad and not communicated and he's going his way and you're basically putting up with it and ready to throw in the towel without trying to save your relationship. #2 He hasn't been very good to you at all and isn't willing to work on your relationship and you know he will continue to cheat so go see a lawyer and get good legal advice (don't tell him) and then kick his rear to the curb. Don't use your children as an excuse to stay in this relationship because your children are probably already suffering from the misery the two of you are putting them through. The children see you arguing, they sense when things aren't right and they see mom sad. It hurts children, so if you know for sure you can't stop your husband (or don't want to stop him) from cheating then see that lawyer. If you feel you can't afford it you can get free legal advice. Phone the Bar Association.

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