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It depends on what you mean by 'DUMP.' If you mean to just get rid of everything, then just reformat the drive. If you mean to SAVE everything then their are many ways to do this task. The easiest way is to copy your files/important information to a) another drive, b) a CD or c) a DVD. The easiest way to copy the files to another drive is to use Norton Ghost or some other program like that (this will require another drive to be present) and it will make an exact copy of the whole disk drive. The danger here is that if you have a virus of any sort, it will be copied along with you other information.....

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Q: How do you dump everything on a computer in order to reformat it?
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A Dump File is created when an application crashes and creates exception code.

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What do i do when my computer says it crashed due to a mini dump?

Your computer didn't crash "due to" a mini-dump; it crashed for some other reason, and the "mini-dump" contains some error messages that your computer saved to explain WHY it crashed. There are "mini-dump" viewer programs that can often show you WHY your computer crashed, and that may be the information you need to fix the problem. For example, the mini-dump file may indicate that a device driver failed, such as a video driver or network interface. Knowing what crashed can allow you to know which driver needs to be updated.

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Usually, a 'mini-dump' occurs when a computer encounters an error in a program. This causes the computer to write the contents of the memory to disc. This is so the user can (if they wish) report the error and forward the contents of the mini-dump to the program vendor - so their technical team can see what happened, and if necessary re-write the software to cure the problem.

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