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How do you dump your own PlayStation 2 BIOS?



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To get a PS2 BIOS from the console itself, you need to rip it by executing "custom code" on it from a DVD that you make yourself or buy. To start with, you need to have your PS2 mod-chipped, a process which is frowned upon (and which will also void a PS2's warantee). A mod-chip, if fitted correctly (and provided that it is a real modchip), will allow PlayStation 2 code to be run on the console from on any DVD formatted disk. After this, it will be necessary to find some custom written code designed to rip the BIOS and write it to disk (in the method suggested by the coder). A PS2 to PC cable then needs to be attached to the corresponding devices, and then the custom code disk must be run. The following steps should be provided by the BIOS ripper's coder, and, upon completion, you should be left with a BIOS. (NB: It is also possible to download BIOS files from all types of PS2 when relentlessly searching in google. DON'T! To do so is illegal, and makes you [and the provider] criminals.)