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In order to clone master balls and Pokemon, you must defeat the Elite Four. That's what everybody leaves out. Once you defeat it, you go to Littleroot Town. Your dad congratulates you and your mom asks you what BZZT dragon colour is. Then once you go out, Professor Birch and May gives you a S.S. Anne Ticket. Go to Slateport and go north (almost to the end of Slateport) then go right. Go into the building and get into the ship. Scott will appear and you can go to the Battle Frontier. Next go to the Battle Frontier and Scott appears and introduces to you the Battle Frontier. Next he'll give you a Frontier Pass. Go to the Battle Tower and then go to the PC there. Choose an empty box and put the Pokemon you want to clone there (for people who want to clone their Master Ball[for those people who haven't used it yet] give the Master Ball to a Pokemon). Then exit and save the game. Next, go to the PC again and take out the Pokemon you want to clone. Then go to the counter that is closest to you (for specific people, multi link battle counter) and talk to her. Challenge open level and choose your Pokemon. Make sure that the Pokemon you want to clone is the second Pokemon you choose. She then asks you to save. Press yes and there is a pause. That pause is when your Pokemon is being cloned. Then shut you game off when the "Are you sure you want to save?" screen comes on. Once you restart the game, you are at the counter where you clone your Pokemon. Go to the PC, then check the box you cloned your Pokemon with. Your cloned Pokemon (or Pokemon with Master Ball) is there. Have fun cloning!

P.S. There is a 80 percent chance it will succeed. 20 percent chance you fail. Don't put any Legendaries in your team. You will lose them. If I were you, I'd take those odds.

2010-03-10 23:00:55
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How do you cheat unlimited master balls in Pokemon emerald?

You can't have unlimited master balls although u can give the master ball to a Pokemon and duplicate it at battle frontier

How do you Duplicate Master ball in Emerald VBA?


How do you get 999 master balls in Pokemon emerald without codes or cheats?

Clone your Pokemon and give them the master ball

How do you get 1000000 master balls without using a cheat cartridge on Pokemon emerald?

Make a Pokemon hold the master ball then clone that Pokemon.

Does the master ball duplicate glitch on emerald work?


Is it possible to duplicate a master ball without cheats or links in Pokemon Emerald?

yes you can.because you can get another master ball at the lottery if your in first place.if you get lucky.The lottery is at lilycove can do it every day.only once a day.ok.good luck

How do you duplicate master balls without duplicating Pokemon?

Hack the game otherwise, it's impossible.

How do you duplicate masterball in Pokemon Crystal?

You cannot duplicate Master Balls in any Pokemon game.

How do you make a master ball in Pokemon emerald without a game shark?

you can't

Is there a cheat for infinite master balls on Pokemon emerald without a gameshark or action replay?

$#@! no

How do you clone a master ball in Pokemon emerald without using lacks and cheats?

That is impossible.

Can you duplicate master balls with ditto?

No, you can't. To get more Master Balls, you either have to cheat or clone them on Emerald.

How do you duplacate master balls in pokemon crystal?

You cannot duplicate Master Balls in any Pokemon game.

Can you duplicate master balls if you used it already?

No. However, you can clone a Master Ball on Emerald. There are also codes to get multiple Master Balls.

Get infinite master balls in emerald?

You can't get infinite but you can put it on a Pokemon then duplicate it. I have done it. Here is an simmilar example to how I do it.

How do you dulpicate master balls without the action replay?

Give your Master Ball to a Pokemon to hold, then clone it in Emerald with the cloning glitch.

What happens when you comlete Pokemon emerald?

You are a Pokemon master.

How do you get many master balls in Pokemon Crystal?

Duplicate Pokemon with a masterball attached to them.

How do you get 2 master balls in Pokemon emerald?

you have to clone that Pokemon holding a master ball

Where in Pokemon emerald is master ball other than aqua hideout?

You can win one through the lottery system, which is an extremely unlikely thing to happen, or can you trade it through or duplicate the master ball through glitch.

How do you get unlimited master balls without a game shark for Pokemon sapphire?

duplicate or you use action replay and write down the code

Pokemon Emerald master code?

These nuts

What is the Gameshark code for 99x master balls in Pokemon Emerald?

958D8046A7151D708BB602F78CEB681A is the gameshark code for master balls in pokemon emerald

How do you copy Pokemon on Pokemon pearl without the master ball?

well i dont know about diamond or pearl but there is a emerald cloning cheat if that helps

How do you get extra master balls in Emerald?

The only legitimate way to get extra master balls in Pokémon Emerald is to win them in the lottery. It is possible to duplicate the original ball in a glitch.